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an explosion of awareness and aliveness

What you do is different than your usual dance workshop. I appreciate the rich field your guidance takes us into. The work comes up from the movement, breath, sensation into the realm of feeling and allowing in a unique, exquisite way. With enough space to have my own experience, at my own pace, I still feel connected with the whole group's energy. The quality of the group field creates a deepening of awareness and aliveness which continues as I return to my regular life.

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all is welcome here

I really appreciate Scott and Zuza together—your dance, the transparency, the making space, finding voice, navigating to the place of synchronicity. Beautiful.

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feeling more alive and connected to myself and others

Allison BryantI leave each workshop feeling more alive and connected to myself and others. I am nourished by the work in the big circle; to hear everyone’s truth, to be seen and to see; honored by the vulnerability and humanness shared.

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the world exploded into love all around me . . .

Susan McDanielI have felt in the very cells of my body that I am enough, that I am worthy of love. As a result, I feel more compassion and acceptance toward everyone else in my life. The support of the container you created allowed me to feel safe enough to crack open, to be held and seen and accepted in my vulnerability. Aaahhh...

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I have gained a deep sense of body acceptance

Karen DruckerOne surprising effect of Body as Living Presence was for me a significant weight loss that I’ve had no trouble maintaining ever since. When we began, I was overweight and beginning to feel the consequences of two decades of my feminist defiance (and denial) of the issue which I had dismissed as a question of culturally conditioned image.

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