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Up Down

Despite reassurances from Madison Ave. that it’s always possible to upgrade to a better life, our existence here seems to be an up-down situation.
Somatically, we experience this phenomenon in every breath. Like so: Release your exhale completely and allow a subtle movement of your attention and weight down; then on the inhale, feel the gentle lift, the buoyancy of the inbreath.
Allow movement to ride on your breath. Notice how to come up, we must go down, how even in walking, we are constantly “falling down” in order to come up. With every step, a release of weight is followed by a lift. If you are having an extra good day, you walk with a spring in your step without trying. On a not so good day, you can exaggerate that down/up momentum in your walk – and improve your mood.
Check it out right here. Stop reading for a moment and take a few steps. Put a spring in your step.
Continue with more elaborate movement. going down down down so you can come up again. It’s exhilarating, yes? Pretty soon you will be able to fly ... without losing the ground.

For a one minute instructional video, see here: