Costa Rica Retreat | Zuza Engler | Transformative Dance & Embodied Inquiry

Soul Motion®:  Relax into Being | The Costa Rica Retreat

FEBRUARY 17–24, 2018

A tropical retreat led by Zuza & Scott, with Saskia Schreiber. To book, email Saskia now for best choice of rooms.


At Blue Spirit Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula–one of only five Blue Zones on the planet. A Blue Zone is an area where people report the highest levels of well-being – good omen!
We have been to Blue Spirit multiple times and felt completely held, nourished, and taken care of by the place and the staff. We promise you a truly amazing experience even if you don't love the workshop.


If booked before September 17, prices start at $1550 total for the week. 
You can't afford not to go! Your all inclusive fee covers tuition, accommodations, and three delicious meals a day, including all the papaya you can eat, yum! 
It does not cover your travel expenses, massages, new bikini, raw cocoa smoothies or other treats sold at the bar. 
If you’d like to invite a friend who'd rather not take the workshop (we understand...) please email Saskia for details.

Please note, a 3% service fee will be added to all credit card payments, including Paypal.


Email Saskia for more info or to book this Costa Rica retreat.
Book now for best choice of rooms. PRICES GO UP ON SEPTEMBER 17, 2017

Saskia is producing this retreat and will offer early morning sessions to help us wake up. In addition to being a certified Soul Motion teacher, creative dance therapist, yoga instructor, mind body therapist, natural health professional for psychotherapy, and world traveler, Saskia is the founder & facilitator of Spirit Adventures. She lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany, where she manages her own practice for somatic awareness and psychotherapy. 

If you don't already know and love Scott, see his Heart of Stillness website.

Just a friendly reminder:

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Join the Facebook event, Soul Motion® Costa Rica: Relax into Being

Are you longing to relax – with self, with others, and into the great Mystery that we also are? 

Take time this winter to hang out inside this mysterious event called you: sensing and feeling, opening and closing, weight shifting, shape shifting, melting into now. Suffuse your body with breath and benevolence. Listen deeply to the secret language of your cells. In the sweetness of the tropical air, caress of a warm ocean, soulful community – allow your heart to rest.

Dance, deep yoga, inner inquiry, and meditation sessions will be offered each day on a spacious schedule. Together we will create a safe space to relax; move and be moved; speak from the heart, laugh from the belly, and – last not least – take frequent naps. Naps are essential to awakening.

When not napping, you can walk the whole three miles of the gorgeous undeveloped white sand beach, kayak on the river, stand up and paddle, surf, take relaxation classes with the monkeys, receive a world class massage, snack at the health bar, or just hang out by the saltwater pool and stare into space. All of the above entirely optional – and we mean it.


Here's what I know:
My cells speak to me in a secret language.
My body adores breath and benevolence.
All hearts rest in the same Great Heart.
– denise benitez

In this time of great change, uncertainty and possibility, let's put ourselves in places that awaken and nurture our ability to relax so we can be alive in a world that needs us.

Michael Zipkin