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Conscious movement is a powerful portal into the experience of feeling alive and at home in the body. It offers instant access to the interior landscapes and a key to spontaneous expression. It creates new possibilities for moving in the world and relating to others and Life.

"When the body dances, the soul will travel,"
says Professor Trance. When we move consciously, with awareness, from the inside out, we practice paying attention and waking up, alone and together, to the physical reality of a body in motion, the emotional and relational truth of the human heart, and the spiritual reality of the Presence that moves us. There are no steps to follow, just the whimsical path of endless discovery: down from the mind’s conversations of past and future into the raw, messy & miraculous event of this body’s breathing, sweating, tensing, opening, feeling, living, and dying: now.

Zuza’s teaching is informed by over three decades of exploration and practice of conscious movement, especially Soul Motion®, Open Floor, and Continuum Montage, described below. Other sources include Tibetan Kum Nye, Authentic Movement, Lomi Somatics, Anna Halprin’s Life/Art Process, & more.

Soul Motion
Soul Motion®

Vinn Arjuna Martí's design for a dance practice in the vast field of spirit, at the crossroads of the vertical drop into self and the horizontal extension toward another. We practice dancing off of the three core platforms: Pause Presence to slow down, align, and recharge; Orbit Orientation to consciously move in all directions with equal attention and without preference; and Echo Inspiration to use each other’s movements to inform and ignite us. Zuza has studied, practiced, and taught Soul Motion since 2001. As senior faculty with the Soul Motion School, she co-designed and co-led the Soul Motion Leadership Program 2007–2014.

open floor international
Open Floor Movement Practice

a passionate dance inquiry into what it is to be a breathing, feeling, thinking, soulful human being. Through exploring universal elements of embodiment: breath, gravity, center, expansion and contraction, we move to include our whole humanity as choreography for creative dances: physical release and limitation, passion and fear, buoyancy and depth, tenderness, tension and freedom in relationships, mind gone wild with obsessive thought or creative imagination, and the unique manifestation of the Mystery that we also are, each in our quirky, luminous essence. Zuza has studied closely with Open Floor founders since 1995 and is now a working member with the Therapy in Motion Circle.

Continuum Montage

a creative exploration of intrinsic movement, including micromovement, which builds capacity for feeling and following sensation, connecting to life at the level of elemental and energetic process, fluid dynamics, and life force expression. Continuum Montage is Susan Harper’s holistic approach that also includes practices for opening and transforming habits of attention, perception, and relating as well as inquiry into themes of longing, belonging, intimacy, full hearted embodiment, and creative imagination. Zuza has explored Continuum Montage since 1994 and weaves its viewpoints and practices into her teaching of movement and Embodied Inquiry.

Zuza has appeared beside me to witness and comfort me in moments of depair, challenge me to go further in moments of joy, remind me of the value of contraction when I expand, encourage me to expand when I have withered, and invite me to "begin again" when I have given up. I am so very grateful to have her steadfast presence as a spiritual beacon in my life.

Annalise Madsen