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feeling alive and connected to myself and others

This process nourishes and feeds me like nothing else. In my daily life, I now am able to give myself permission to stay with myself and be with what is. To trust myself, to trust my heart, trust the universe. To relax, relax, relax, and simply let myself be, express what is moving in me, trust the unexpected.

I leave each workshop feeling more alive and connected to myself and others. I am nourished by the work in the big circle; to hear everyone’s truth, to be seen and to see; honored by the vulnerability and humanness shared.

Zuza is a gentle, wise and brilliant master of sculpting a safe, real and powerful container in which magic naturally unfolds. The depth of her knowledge, years of expertise and her passion for the work create a program not to be missed. The combination of modalities is powerful and truly transformative.

Allison Bryant, World Traveler of Worlds Inner and Outer

Allison Bryant

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