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all is welcome here

It is not often I get to be co-facilitated. I really appreciate Scott and Zuza together — your dance, the transparency, the making space, finding voice, navigating to the place of synchronicity. Beautiful.

You both hold space securely and safely, holding people with an open palm. "All is welcome here:” This absolutely made it possible for me to show up as fully as I did.

For me it was a soft invitation to attune to the female/male, masculine/feminine, concrete/metaphorical, micro/macro. This allowed me to recalibrate my system and grow bigger. It was a rich reflection for me especially in the transference to my greater life.

Thank you for the transparency and matter-of-factness. By naming the entirety of what an experience might entail you gave me more conscious choice. Intimacy -- in all its forms, contact, permission…the biggies and also the little things e.g., eye contact, space, witnessing. I did not dance around any elephants in the room except for the ones I placed there myself. It expanded my heart to hold in reverence myself and those around me….as a reminder of the Truth.

I particularly loved the way you invited and held the whole of us and also were firm when it came to boundaries. Sometimes it is just so refreshing when lines are clear and maintained.

Ten minutes of shaking are a part of my morning practice now… while I wait for my tea to steep. It’s the little things!

Tiffany Higgins

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