Love Notes | Zuza Engler | Moving with Life an explosion of awareness and aliveness


an explosion of awareness and aliveness

The workshop has set off an explosion of awareness and aliveness in my daily life. I love how it was based in the Soul Motion movement practice with a special emphasis on following the thread from sensation into the feeling realm without getting lost in emotional processing.

The container was exquisitely nurtured and blossomed into a rich space for us to deeply dive in. The depth of the group field was a function of the trust and safety built up from the start. I appreciate the nurturing contact which created such a supportive space. The paper and crayons were a perfect way to integrate the exploration. The room was beautiful, intimate. I loved having all those trees always in sight with the wind swishing through them. I loved being able to go to the deck and dance with the sun and sky and trees. Such wonderful resources!

What you do is different than your usual dance workshop. I appreciate the rich field your guidance takes us into. The work comes up from the movement, breath, sensation into the realm of feeling and allowing in a unique, exquisite way. With enough space to have my own experience, at my own pace, I still feel connected with the whole group's energy. The quality of the group field creates a deepening of awareness and aliveness which continues as I return to my regular life.