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Do You Suffer from ADD?

I am asking about what someone has called the Authenticity Deficit Disorder.

If you are like me, I imagine you have put some serious life units into becoming what others wanted you to be: by editing, pretending, shutting down and other acrobatics including straight out lying, most shamelessly to yourself.

Or rebelling against it all, with very little actual freedom to be "As Is" like the clothes in a Goodwill store: no alterations, no returns, one size only. Your true size.

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Difficult Feelings Are A Sign You're On The Right Track

Did you know?

The capacity to feel and express feelings is essential to living a full human life. But many of us have a lot of old rules about what’s OK to feel. Fear, shame, rage or hatred seldom make it on the Top 100 list.

That’s quite a dilemma, if opening to the whole range of human existence is the only path to true happiness. (It is.)

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Change Happens – with Time and Practice

You can do this – relax in your body, love yourself, learn relationship skills, open your heart a little more, experience spacious mind… for moments at least – but it does take time and practice. That’s why it’s called a “practice,” not a “perfect”.

The work of waking up is a lifelong journey, not a 7 step program. You will be moving along a spiral path. Sometimes it may feel like you're going backwards.

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Inspiring, Illuminating, Insightful: Books That Influenced Me

I am periodically asked what I would recommend to read about the work I do – i.e. about embodied living, emotional healing, movement, or spirituality. If you are interested, scroll for a link to a (very partial) book list.

I have read all these books and more, many of them more than once… but most of my learning has come from oral transmission from my teachers and personal experience in living the practices.

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Weathering the Storm

The storm can only be survived from the center. The work for us is to draw sustenance from the central, eternal space without denying the existence of the storm. –MARK NEPO

I know it's hard . . . another week of world wide sorrow and who knows how long yet with restrictions on where we can go and what we can do there. Even I, a recently born again zoomie, am having second and third thoughts.

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