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'Tis the Season to Be Healing: Thoughts on Ceremony

Hello dear one,
Short and sweet today as you may have many holiday parties to go to:

At Scott’s invitation, I recently met his Lakota teacher Arkan Lushwalla. I was inspired by how Arkan spoke about Ceremony in the Native American tradition: as a way for people to enter together a space of healing, clearing, and prayer; a place to go deep into the dark and wide into the light, and return with the gifts received so we can offer them to our radically troubled world.

I was struck by how similar that is to what happens when we gather. We enter a timeless space to sense, feel, move, relate. We relax, we grieve and cry, or laugh, or stand there with our mouths gaping, bewildered by the great Mystery of it all. We touch places of clarity and places where we are clearly stuck. We receive visions, or merely endorphins. (I’ll take either, wherever I can get any.)

Re-imagine with me... a winter season where we, like the earth, take time for rest and renewal, instead of shopping and stressing. The Holy Days of Ceremony.

See you in the fields of Presence ...