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Do You Suffer from ADD?

I am asking about what someone has called the Authenticity Deficit Disorder.

If you are like me, I imagine you have put some serious life units into becoming what others wanted you to be: by editing, pretending, shutting down and other acrobatics including straight out lying, most shamelessly to yourself.

Or rebelling against it all, with very little actual freedom to be "As Is" like the clothes in a Goodwill store: no alterations, no returns, one size only. Your true size.

And yet!

Don't you experience desperate heartache when you feel that "the other" does not really value, like or see you? When you feel judged, dismissed, slighted? Not listened to, not heard, not met?

What are you doing about it?

Drinking too much and eating too much, streaming too much and working too much just to cover the sense of emptiness inside?

Well, what else can we do?

How about shifting the question we secretly ask inside from: "Is this what you need me to be, to be loved by you?” to: "How can we create a creative, loving collaboration with each other and the big Life that lives us? Together? So we can each offer the world the gift of – you know, the real McCoy, not the made up one?"

How about the possibility that you and I can exist and express and explore together and nobody has to shrink or puff up or become invisible or dissociate into numbness?

How about dropping over and over into magical moments of effortless healing – personal, relational, and planetary - when we move together and stay together over time, supporting each other in our shared, uniquely individual intentions?

Of course we will fail (at times). But in the end, there's nothing like a long term group to experience lasting transformation. (Except maybe a long term committed relationship. Thank you Scott, my love.)

The integration of movement and all the other pieces – emotional intelligence, community, spiritual longing, life dreams and how to support others in creating spaces for this – is very palpably now & more than ever at the core of my work and I am utterly fired up about it.

I don’t even know how to talk about it without sounding like I'm on acid, but it’s true, it’s true.


Are you a Therapist, Coach, Movement Teacher?

Do you agree that the essence of your superpower comes from doing your own work, and staying current with the unfolding of your soul's path, interior and exterior both?

(Or Do You Give and Give to Others, but Forget About Yourself?)

Or a Body Freak, Depth Diver, Everyday Artist, Curious Seeker?

Are you into living with an open mind & open heart (at least some of the time)?

Do you show signs of interest and capacity for conscious movement, have a knack for intense grappling with life's dilemmas, and a sense of humor, not necessarily in this order?

Oh and how would you feel about a safe/brave space to land with all your creativity, vulnerability, relational imperfection? a circle of belonging, meaningful & intelligent though often wordless contact, connection to the aliveness in yourself - in community?

If any of this sounds good, join us in creating just such spaces.