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Difficult Feelings Are A Sign You're On The Right Track

Did you know?

The capacity to feel and express feelings is essential to living a full human life. But many of us have a lot of old rules about what’s OK to feel. Fear, shame, rage or hatred seldom make it on the Top 100 list.

That’s quite a dilemma, if opening to the whole range of human existence is the only path to true happiness. (It is.)

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Inspiring, Illuminating, Insightful: Books That Influenced Me

I am periodically asked what I would recommend to read about the work I do – i.e. about embodied living, emotional healing, movement, or spirituality. If you are interested, scroll for a link to a (very partial) book list.

I have read all these books and more, many of them more than once… but most of my learning has come from oral transmission from my teachers and personal experience in living the practices.

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I Don't Know How to Tell You

Hey there, what if one day, you woke up smack in the midst of the human condition with absolutely no need to fix, deny, solve, or transcend anything?

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Pause for Peace

The exhortations of my Dzogchen teacher who is all about the Pause have finally found my ears and even though I am still in the flow of teaching, I am already feeling the first blessings of slowing down, experiencing what I have longed for in all these years of practice: extended moments of exquisite presence. Peace, really.

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On Letting Go

During a massage recently, I kept hearing the bodyworker say, Okay, now breathe into your feet, up into your heart, now out with a big Aaah sound. AAAAH!... That's right! The world wants to hear how you feel.

Well, that was news to me! Great news! However, then she went, Come on Zuza, release all that sadness and anger, let it all leave. Aaah!... That's right! Let it all go. Uh-oh, I thought, Houston. We have a problem. And the more she said that, the more sad and angry I felt.

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