Sundays in Sebastopol | Zuza Engler | Moving with Life

Soul Motion®: Body Prayer


EVERY SUNDAY 10:00 AM–12 noon (doors close by 10:10)
Wischemann Hall in SEBASTOPOL
465 Morris Street, next to the Community Center Annex


    For the time being, this class is open By Subscription Only to up to 50 dancers per month, with proof of vaccination. Masks and social distancing optional.
    We will resume drop-in classes as soon as it seems safe(r).


    This subscription covers 4 Sundays: DECEMBER 5, 12, 19, and JANUARY 2. 
    No class December 26.

    Your subscription is not valid unless accompanied by proof of vaccination. 
    Email us to attach a photo or QR code with your vax record after you subscribe.

    (If you have previously purchased a class card, it will be waiting for you to use when we resume drop-in classes. If you'd like to join sooner, please subscribe here. Thank you for your understanding.)


    • Body Prayer is open to any body over 15 willing to participate according to these agreements. First time beginners and mixed ability dancers, including those in wheelchairs, are always welcome.
    • We begin together at 10:15. Doors open a few minutes before 10:00 AM and close by 10:10. Please arrive a few minutes early and stay for the whole event.
    • Take any verbal conversations off the dance floor to allow yourself and others the rare pleasure of nonverbal communion.
    • Avoid wearing perfume, lotion, or essential oils so those who are sensitive to scents can dance with us too.
    • To care for our beautiful floor, please no street shoes on the dance floor.
    • When you come for the first time, pick up the “Etiquette” flyer to read more... And then exhale, relax, and, sweet one, be wise ~ cast all your votes for Dancing!
    Body Prayer is a facilitated event devoted to inquiry into embodied consciousness through movement,

    offered every Sunday morning, and led by Zuza or another teacher. It is usually attended by a large, vibrant, & diverse bunch of welcoming and friendly people, some of whom have practiced Soul Motion® for years, while some ~ never before.

    Guidance and structure are part of every week’s class as we travel across the four landscapes of Soul Motion®: Dance Intimate (solo), Dance Communion (duet), Dance Community (ensemble) and Dance Infinite (prayer space). Practices, structures, and points of view are offered to facilitate the journey. Participants are invited to travel across all landscapes, not just their favorite one: dancing by oneself, in duet, in ensemble with several people and eventually the whole room, or witnessing in stillness the beauty of another’s or of everyone’s dance.

    We move to an eclectic mix of music from classical to experimental, including sacred chant, world beat, rock and roll, opera remixes, jazz and contemporary electronica. Music arrangements do not follow a wave pattern and are not specifically designed for energy release; rather they are in-out-in-out sequences to invite awareness and presence in the moment. Slow passages are often included as well as passages with no music.

    As an awareness practice, conscious movement is a vehicle for self-discovery, inner development, and a deeper communion with others and the world. Sometimes this requires taking risks and facing the challenges that may come up in the process. 

    Body Prayer offers a place to be safely uncomfortable as we experiment with ourselves and with each other in our awkward and magnificent dance at the edge of possibility.

    Please note: For now, all live indoor events are open to fully vaccinated dancers only.

    This dancing, breathing, sitting and being with you are ways to bring me back to the sacred, to the divine to the connection with myself and all other humans dancing this dance of life.

    Joan Palmer