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Not just a dance class, this program takes us on a path to self-discovery, embodied presence, and awakening to a bigger life. 


The Floor is Open: Committed Practice Series

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A movement field is awakened in which we can experience the healing power of grounded presence, open-hearted relating, and embodied devotion.

Join us in this conscious movement lab if you are interested in the delicate dance of getting in touch with yourself and deeply inhabiting your body while navigating the relational dimensions of human existence.

Do you know what kind of magic happens when a group of dedicated movers comes together to explore the mess and miracle of living a full, generous, embodied human life?

The Floor is Open: Committed Practice Series

Friend, we're traveling together. Throw off your tiredness.
Let me show you one tiny spot of the beauty that cannot be spoken.

- Rumi

Sustained solos, edgy duets, ensemble experiments, technical investigation and shamanic transformation are all on the menu.

Come if you want to dance on the edge with us. Your willingness to take the guidance and to study the practice as it is offered is important. If you need to follow your own process at all times, this may not be the best context for you.

Previous experience with conscious movement and/or somatic work may be helpful. More essential is a willingness to take the leap into the unknown and keep showing up no matter where the dance takes you.


Not just a dance class, this program takes us on a path to self-discovery,
embodied presence, and awakening to a bigger life. 

Travel the continuum of emotional embodiment, expression, and resilience.

Explore all the landscapes of belonging - to self, each other, and the Mystery – in motion and stillness, with & without words, with music and in the Great Sound of silence.

Move with Life and all that Life brings: sensations, textures, feelings, dreams, dilemmas, our ridiculous fears and outrageous hopes.

What we'll do

The committed series always rocks my world in a way that nothing ever has. Zuza's vision intoxicates me…there is something about the deep waters that she appears to summon which create a field Holy unique. My life is shifting, my roots are far deeper and well nourished.

Carolyn Ellis, ARTIST


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Petaluma, CA
at P.O.S.T Wellness by Design
224A Weller Street


Wednesday Evenings
April 12th - May 31st, 2023
7 - 9:15 pm [Pacific]


As Krishna Das once said,
“We do this practice in order to be alive while we’re alive.”


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