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All our programs offer CE hours for therapists and social workers (PCE 4931)
Workshops marked with (*) qualify as prerequisites for the
Body as Living Presence Yearlong Program


OCTOBER 19–21, 2018

Body as Presence: Movement as Metaphor, Therapy, and Ticket to Infinity

a weekend with Zuza & Scott Engler in Warsaw, Poland
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OCTOBER 23–27, 2018

Soul Motion®: Foundations

a residential workshop with Zuza & Scott Engler
Totnes, England
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NOVEMBER 10, 2018

Moving with Life: Landscapes of Belonging

a Saturday with Zuza in Berkeley, California
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Congregation: Open Circle

a non-residential workshop with Zuza Engler.
in Sebastopol, California.
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* DECEMBER 21–28, 2018

Soul Motion®: Tenderness at the Heart of the Dance

a seven-day holiday retreat with Zuza & Scott Engler
at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California
Best way to book: call 831.667.3005.
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* JANUARY 24–27, 2019

Moving into Dreamtime

with Zuza Engler and Denise Martini
inspired by Gestalt Dreamwork, Open Floor and Continuum Movement
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* FEBRUARY 16–23, 2019

Relax into Being: Blue Spirit Costa Rica

a tropical retreat led by Zuza & Scott, with Saskia Schreiber
at Blue Spirit in Costa Rica
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* APRIL 19–21, MAY 24–26, JUNE 21-23 , 2019

Body as Living Presence: Gestalt Practice on the Open Floor

three weekend series for opening, moving, learning, hopefully some laughter.
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The workshop far exceeded my expectations in terms of its depth and the places I re-met within myself. It was valuable to get in touch with my core vitality and what had been blocking it. The combination of solo, partner and full group time was exquisitely balanced. I bring back a renewed sense of myself.

Thomas Lucas