Moving with Life Yearlong | Zuza Engler


Wake Up into Belonging

an Integrative Training for the Moving Circles Sangha

be seen. be inspired. be supported. be changed.

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The Yearlong Program with Zuza is a focused way to study and practice the path of embodied presence. You will learn simple, accessible practices for being present with yourself and authentic with others, and skills for navigating the mysterious territory of love and loss known as being human.

Perhaps you are someone who has . . .

. . . gained a lot of insight through years of talk therapy
. . . found freedom and creativity in your body through movement
. . . developed a capacity for spacious awareness through meditation

Now imagine the power of all those experiences combined into one accessible, powerful process.

Imagine moving, learning, healing, growing in a circle of unconditional presence. Imagine what that could do for your life and work.


Participants come from all walks of life–home makers, therapists, parents, coaches, carpenters, teachers, nurses, business owners–each with their own desire or struggle. 


If you are a human interested in living an embodied, authentic, and spiritually connected life while also relating to others, you know that love is not all we need. Most of us also need resources, capacities, and relational skills to be able to actually show up with ourselves and the people we live and work with: our children, students, co-workers, clients, and parents. This is what the yearlong program offers, within the magic of a committed community of practice, deep listening, accurate reflection, and skillful support.

Or perhaps you are fascinated with the endless mystery of awakening in the body and love diving into deep engagement with the processes and practices of this path.

This is the program designed for you!


If you are a coach, therapist, body worker, movement or yoga teacher, you understand the transformative power of working with people in an experiential way. You know the body holds the wisdom, resource, and access to healing, authenticity, and power. You also know that you can take your clients/students only as far as you have gone. You want and need to continue your own journey to embodiment and grow your capacity for attunement and compassion.

To help you deepen what you already do, we will support you to

  • build confidence in your somatic competency, tracking skills, ability to read body cues and see the room (when working with groups)
  • learn and practice experiential Gestalt techniques for clarifying needs, articulating boundaries, communicating directly and authentically, and completing unfinished emotional business from the past
  • explore and practice responding to your clients’/students’ big emotions, reactivity, preferences, demands, projections, triggers – and critical (or adoring) feedback
  • integrate into your practice dreamwork, artwork, and other ways of soulful engagement with yourself and others
  • develop embodied spirituality, a felt sense of the sacred that is grounded in everyday life
  • reliably access the resources, support, and nourishment you need to continue your life’s work.

Four weeklong in-person, non-residential  modules, total of 24 days,
in Sebastopol, California
2023 JULY 10–15 | Revelation & Release
OCTOBER 23–28 | Body Process: Moving with Feeling
2024  JANUARY 29–FEB 3 | The Art of Being With: Resonance & Reflection
MAY 6–11 | Soul’s Unfolding: Be the Change

In addition to the four in-person modules, this program includes:

  • The Embody 101 Recorded Online Course
  • 30 live zoom calls with Zuza offering teaching, mentoring, and mini-sessions; these are scheduled for 90 minutes on 3 Thursday mornings a month (with a month off), starting June 15, 2023. Details TBA.
  • three live 90 minute webinar trainings focused on issues of interest to participants, dates and content TBA
  • supported partner practice and protocols for peer supervision
  • professional supervision during group calls and individual sessions (if desired)
  • $50 discount on individual sessions in person or via phone/Skype/zoom with Zuza or Scott (biodynamic craniosacral or perinatal trauma work) through 2022
  • 30% off all other non-residential classes & workshops with Zuza, online and in person, through 2024

PLUS two extra bonuses: The 21 Day Movinar | with all the recordings for life
and an annual Moving Circles Sangha Gathering (open to all previous yearlong participants and other long term students, free for training participants). Dates TBA.

  1. Accepted application.
  2. Extensive enough experience with conscious movement, inner work, and spiritual practice.
  3. The Embody 101 Recorded Online Course (included in tuition).
  4. Another program with Zuza longer than a weekend, such as Initiation, Reflection, Moving with Dreams, Moving with Feeling, or an Online Immersion.

To be extraclear, the Yearlong Program is not for you if you're looking for . . .
... a dance workshop. We bring together movement, inner work, and meditation to address body, soul, and heart. We invite feeling, sharing, and silence. Sometimes we sit in a circle for a while to listen and speak.
... therapy. While you may experience brilliant and profound healing, this is a study and practice group with the main aim of deepening awareness, aliveness, relational fluidity, and professional skill building.
... a quick fix. What’s your problem? Unhappy with work? Trouble connecting? Lost a sense of play and pleasure? While all of these will be addressed, we ain't got a fix or a cure for you. What we’ve got is not a solution to one problem, but a context in which to hold your life.
... mastery. We offer skills, practices, and resources that will sustain you for the rest of your life. Rather than becoming a master of anything in seven steps, we hope you acquire a taste for being a life-long learner.
... bliss. Life, or this practice, is not all violins and roses (or unicorns and rainbows). Some of the time you’ll feel excited and elated. Other times you will be faced with feelings that are difficult and uncomfortable, and places in yourself that you have resisted or avoided all your life. All is welcome here. We offer you a place, permission and support to be real and whole.

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Zuza artfully and magically tends the field of awareness with a mastery that is full of mystery and grace, sprinkled liberally with humor. Her keen, guiding wisdom, and uncanny felt sense awareness of both the group as a whole and of its’ individuals, along with her intuitive use of poetry, writings and music, combine to create a safe and rich container in which there is an always respectful invitation to dive through thresholds of the unknown, the yet uncharted territories of our own inherent wisdom.

Naef Robinson