Integrative Training | Zuza Engler | Moving with Life

Moving with Life:

The Integrative Facilitator Training 2021–2022

with Zuza Engler, assisted by Karen Drucker




Four weeklong modules, total of 28 days:

DECEMBER 5–11, 2021 | Revelation & Release
MARCH 13–19, 2022 | Body Process: Moving with Feeling
JULY 10–16, 2022 | Being With: Resonance & Reflection
OCTOBER 23–29, 2022 | Body Prayer

PLUS individualized mentorship & supervision, including group calls and discounted private sessions with Zuza (private work is not offered to non-participants).

In addition to the full four in-person modules, this track includes:

  • The Embody 101 Recorded Online Course
  • 24 live zoom calls with Zuza offering teaching, mentoring, and mini-sessions; these are scheduled for 75 minutes on 3 Tuesday mornings a month, January–October except April & August
  • three live 90 minute webinar trainings focused on issues of interest to participants, dates and content TBA
  • supported partner practice and protocols for peer supervision
  • professional supervision during group calls and individual sessions (if desired)
  • $50 discount on individual sessions in person or via phone/Skype/zoom with Zuza or Scott (biodynamic craniosacral or perinatal trauma work) through 2022; regular fee $150
  • 30% off all other non-residential classes & workshops with Zuza, online and in person, through 2022

PLUS two extra bonuses:
The 21 Day Movinar
| with all the recordings for life
The Moving Congregation workshop | DECEMBER 1–4, 2022 (open to all previous yearlong participants and other long term students, free for the Integrative Training participants).

For the Personal Transformation Program, please see here>

  1. Accepted application.
  2. Extensive enough experience with conscious movement, inner work, and spiritual practice.
  3. The Embody 101 Recorded Online Course (included in tuition).
  4. Another Moving with Life program with Zuza longer than a weekend, such as Initiation, Reflection, Moving with Dreams, Moving with Feeling, or Online Immersion.
  5. If new to this work, please take the Moving with Life Fall Immersion 2021 (offered at 50% off if you continue to the yearlong).
  6. Please be fully vaccinated against Covid.

$5,250 total  *OR*  $5,750 with the Online Fall Immersion (if you take the Fall Immersion as a prerequisite)

$1,250 is due by NOVEMBER 20, 2021. Balances are due by March 1, 2022.


$1000 OFF for those signed up with a deposit for the 2020 Moving with Life Yearlong
$500 OFF for those who completed a previous yearlong program
These discounts may not be combined.


  1. Request and fill out the application form. If you have participated in a previous yearlong, click here for your application form (short & sweet).
  2. Submit the $500 Registration Fee. It will count toward your total tuition, or be returned if we decide together that this program is not a good match for you at this time.

Your application will not be considered without the Registration Fee. 

CLICK HERE to pay it by credit card.
The amount includes the 3% credit card fee.

If you'd like to pay by other means (venmo, zelle, astral transfer), please use this email address or contact us for help. With direct debit payments, you may skip the $15 fee.


Please read this section carefully as you are making an important financial investment. Tedious, but it contains all the information you will need to understand the payment terms. 

Email us with any questions not covered here.


Your application will be considered only after we receive the $500 Registration Fee, which counts toward your tuition. This fee is non-transferable and non-refundable unless your application is not accepted.


Integrative Facilitator Program  TOTAL: $5,250  *OR*  $5,750 with the Online Fall Immersion (if you take the Fall Immersion as a prerequisite) Please add a 3% service fee for all credit card payments, including via PayPal.

To secure your spot, we must receive $1,250 by NOVEMBER 20, 2021 at midnight PDT.

If you miss the November 20 deadline, your full tuition becomes $5,500 | or $5,995 with the Fall Immersion.
Please add a 3% service fee for all credit card payments, including via PayPal.


Final balances are due by MARCH 1, 2022.


After your initial payment of $1,250 you may pay the balance in installments.
Please email us for details, or better, propose a plan.


Cancellations by November 20, 2021: Only monies paid over your non-transferable $500 registration fee will be refunded.
Cancellations after November 20, 2021: no refund.

The Registration Fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.  
Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please email us.

Thank you for the Intimacy-in all its forms-contact, permission, eye contact, space, witnessing, boundaries. Sometimes it is just so refreshing when lines are clear. "All is welcome here." You hold space securely and safely, holding people with an open palm. This absolutely made it possible for me to show up as fully as I did.

Tiffany Higgins