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Moving with Life: The Yearlong Program

Join the Body as Living Presence Yearlong to . . .

find yourself

be present, open, awake in your physical, emotional, spiritual body
reliably access your experience of ground, center, flow, heart
use breath, sound, movement, and art as portals for self-discovery and expression
be guided in life by your inner compass

connect with others

co-create a field of safety, openness, and support for authentic sharing
build skills for kinesthetic witnessing, somatic tracking, resonance, and reflection
experience a community field where all are welcome, seen, heard, and held

belong to life

find embodied access to nurturing, strength, and resource
relax into a sacred space of communion with the human and non-human world
learn to trust and move with life in alignment with your passion and purpose
re-claim your sense of worthiness, belonging and hope

be whole

be real: dance, listen, speak from the inside out
be vulnerable: practice expression & communication for true intimacy
be still: access the larger awareness and presence that we also are

be seen. be inspired. be supported.
be changed.

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A good way to begin:

Take any of the foundational Embodied Inquiry programs and then, if the practice speaks to you, apply to participate in the Yearlong Program. For examples of foundational workshops currently included in the overall curriculum, see here >

Let past participants tell you more.

See and hear what they have said >

This is different from a usual dance workshop! I appreciate the rich field Zuza and Scott take us into. The work comes up from the movement, breath, sensation into the realm of feeling and allowing in a unique, exquisite way. With enough space to have my own experience, at my own pace, I still feel connected with the whole group's energy. The quality and depth of the field create safety and trust that invite a deepening of awareness and aliveness which continues as I return to my regular life.