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Moving with Life

a Saturday with Zuza

details TBA


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What in your life could use some breath, space, movement,

flow, a sprinkle of humor? Where are you called toward a more passionate participation – or toward a deeper letting go? What if you had ways to show up with change, impermanence, and the whole everyday mess of the human condition while in touch with the deathless Presence in which everything dances?

You are invited, for a day, into an experience of relaxing into your skin, opening your heart, and melting into the great Mystery that we also are.

Let's allow shape to dissolve into space, form into flow, body into energy, feeling into motion, and our 'self' into the vast sky of timeless awareness, sometimes known as Source, also known as Love.

Conscious movement is the fastest shortcut we know (that does not involve drugs) to allowing our everyday experience of life with all its convoluted and honorable limitations to lift for a moment and offer us a free ride to infinity.

The doors are open to any body willing to breathe, move, listen, soften, and relax, relax, relax ... one timeless movement moment at a time.

You inspire me and, yes, beautifully challenge me to show up the way I wish to in my life – which is with an open, authentic, honest and expressive heart.

Eric Weiss