The Embody Project | Zuza Engler | Moving with Life

Moving with Life :: Fall 2021 Online Immersion

This program is open to all and a prerequisite for people interested in the Yearlong who are new to Moving with Life. 
If booked together with the yearlong, it is offered at half off. 
A twelve week extended online plunge into learning, moving, playing and waking up, together.

‘cuz you want to feel real. You want to feel alive. You want to feel. You want to heal. You want to want. You're tired of trying to live without soul food and water.



  • Embody 101 Recorded Online Course (self-paced)
  • 21 Day Movinar September 27–October 18
  • One Open Circle–you pick: 
    October 14–16 (in person) or October 21–23 (live online)
  • AND! 10 group sessions live on zoom October 6–December 15 | Wednesdays 8–10 AM Pacific

Full attendance (all zoom meetings and a weekend) is required ONLY if you are a therapist or social worker requesting CE credit. 

Otherwise, do what you can! we'd rather have you most of the time than never.


Online except for the Open Circle weekend October 14–16 in Sebastopol, if you can make it.

FEE: $997

or 50% OFF with the Yearlong Program (register at full price and if you continue to the yearlong you will receive $500 credit toward the tuition) 

Registration opens August 9, 2021


$25 cancellation fee for cancellations by September 25, 2021. 
No refunds after September 25, 2021.


MOVE: with awareness, with music, with the sound of silence, with feeling, with the elements. Movement will be the ever present foundation of our inquiries, a universal opener for body and soul, and a shortcut to Mystery.

WORK WITH PARTNERS: i.e. move, share, support, witness, echo, express, explore and wonder/wander together in the zoom room, breakout rooms, practice sessions between meetings, and for those geographically fortunate, in the studio (in the Open Circle weekend). 

LEARN TOGETHER via online (pre-recorded and live) talks and demos about principles and practices of embodiment, being present with another and how not to, field dynamics, dream work, elemental healing, and whatever else you request if within the ballpark. 

This program is for you if you are . . . 

  • a human interested in living an embodied, authentic, and spiritually connected life while also relating to others
  • looking to access your own aliveness, power, curiosity, wonder
  • aware that the body is a portal to healing, authenticity, and power and want support and community to live there more often
  • looking for good company where you can engage with yourself, others, and life with more depth and meaning
  • interested in ways to integrate movement, dreamwork, artwork, spiritual inquiry, and other modes of soulful engagement in your work with self and others
  • wanting to continue developing your capacity to be in touch with yourself and present for another human, at the same time!
But more than anything, you are looking for space and support for your inquiry, expression, reflection, and prayer.

This program may not be a fit if you're looking for . . .

... a dance workshop. We bring together movement, inner work, and meditation to address body, soul, and heart. We invite feeling, sharing, and silence. Sometimes we take time in a circle to listen and speak.

... therapy. While you may experience brilliant and profound healing, this is a practice'n'play group for awareness, aliveness, relational fluidity, and embodiment skills.

I discovered how much free flowing movement nourishes me in context of community: such medicine. Consistency, groundedness, connection. Emotional nonverbal expression. Commitment to being here, supported by the energy of others. Each of us so raw, vulnerable, true. Giving each other the gift of being seen! Seeing whatever is happening for me in others … and seeing their light. Like a mirror ball.

Release & Recover Online Program Participants