Into the Mystery | Zuza Engler | Moving with Life

Into the Mystery: Moving Dreams

JULY 3–8, 2017



at a private location in Sonoma County


Total: $695 before June 3, 2017 | $770 after


Registration will be available in Early December.
Please check back then. 

This week with Zuza & Scott is an invitation  to deepen our contact with the mysterious, magical life of the soul.

Dreams have been called the royal road to the unconscious (by Freud, no less!). We move, breathe, sound, and speak from and into our dreams—whether night dreams, day dreams, or life dreams—to develop our capacity for being with the interior landscape of our own depths, beneath and beyond the thinking mind. As a bonus, you may receive personalized teachings, insights, and direction for your future—directly from the Great Dreamer that is continually dreaming you into being.

If you don’t remember your dreams, no matter. (You may, after this.) Come anyway. Any snippet, scene, feeling—however old—any animal or elemental presence from any dream, fantasy, memory, movie or fairy tale will do. Forget everything you ever knew about what dream symbols “mean.” Guided and supported in a creative and playful engagement with what you bring, you will have the space and permission to listen for your own discovery of meaning out of the richly layered tapestry of your dreaming and waking soul.


A small group (12-16 people) immersion into the ways of contacting, entering, embodying, and expressing experience via dreams, in service of self-discovery, deepening, opening, possibly healing, hopefully some laughter. In the spirit of aloha, all ways. We will focus on partner/triad practices, expressive and integrative interludes (movement, sound, breath, art, writing), teaching, and discussion. Demo sessions of varying lengths will be offered in the large group on most days.


Dreams are a powerful portal into the psyche. When embodied and creatively engaged, they offer meaning, depth, and purpose. They help make sense of confusing or overwhelming life situations, show the way out of unresolved dilemmas, and bring integration of the countless disparate experiences we encounter on our inner and outer paths.

We use dreams only as portals into what is alive, relevant, important for each of us right now. Through motion, stillness, writing, art, inner inquiry and other experiments in aliveness, we co-create a strong field of presence, where anything can happen! Plus. A meeting such as this is a powerful way to be together in presence, to see how embodied inquiry works, to get to know oneself and each other, to experience the magic of a circle/congregation/community field, and to practice openness, kindness, compassion, patience, and a sense of humor.

This work feeds me in ways I have yet to imagine. I am experiencing a feeling of sharing, knowledge, strength, openness, vulnerability and connectedness to my own self within the infinite. I really appreciate all Zuza does; her willingness to delve into such inquiry is rich.
Kenny Reardon