Living Presence | Zuza Engler | Moving with Life


Body as Living Presence: Moving with Life

a weekend with Zuza & Scott in Boulder
We do this practice in order to be alive while we’re alive.–Krishna Das




Boulder, Colorado


$350 | or $295 early registration
$45 Friday only [limited space]


details coming soon


$25 admin fee for cancellations 30 days out
no refunds 30 days before start

What if one day, we all woke up smack in the midst of the human condition

with absolutely no need to fix, deny, solve, or transcend anything? What if we could move with life instead of fighting life? What if we could create together a safe space to be open, awake, alive, authentic?

This weekend is an invitation into such a space – a space where we can dance, speak and listen deeply for self-discovery, creative expression and belonging – to self, each other, and Life.

The workshop is open to every body willing to breathe, listen, move from the inside out.

Come as you are, in all our confused glory.

Your presence matters.

Come if you have broken your vows a thousand times.
Dance your way all the way to the pulsing, vibrant center of your life.

Please email Karen with any questions.

Zuza’s teaching combines her fierce commitment to presence with her beautiful gift for creating safety and risk at the same time: a safe container within which to express. She is gentle and firm, passionate and challenging. I have been perhaps most inspired by her faith that all this matters, that we can indeed help one another grow into love and trust, that with this dance we can transform the woundedness of the world, both within and around us.

Loretta Mijares