Luminescent Body | Zuza Engler | Moving with Life

Love and Shite: Everything is Medicine

a weekend with Zuza Engler & Cathy Ryan in Berkeley


Let's bring back into the light the unique, creative, alive aspects of our being. Let's give them room to breathe, move, spread their luminous wings.

Love & Shite: Everything is Medicine

a weekend with Zuza Engler & Cathy Ryan
Open to any body willing to play in light and shadow. 


OCTOBER 7-9, 2021


Western Sky Studio
2525 Eighth St #13A | Berkeley, California


$475 OR $425 if paid in full by September 7


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To save your spot, please send in a $125 non-refundable registration fee.

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Before September 7, 2022 we will refund any monies above the $125 registration fee. The registration fee is non-refundable.

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Aliveness is right here.
Where we are - in our moving bodies, hearts and minds.
In all of our glory, all of our mess.

We are a play of light, dark, and shadow: chiaroscuro figures.

What is hidden in the shadow blocks energy flow and sucks the life force out of our lives.

The good news is that the shadow is also our doorway to light and creativity, a lightness of being, a lightness of loving.

In Love and Shite, through the serious art of deep play and the alchemy of music, movement, and mask work, we engage with our shadow and invite back into the light the unique, creative, alive aspects of our being that have been locked up, locked down, ignored or long forgotten.

We give them space to move, breathe, be witnessed, be seen.

We work with neutral masks (no art making involved this time around). The neutral mask reveals rather than conceals through taking away our usual faces and making room for exploration and curiosity – one step removed.

In this play of light, dark and shadow, we can access archetypal energies of all kinds – for example, superhero, villain, trickster… We allow the shite to compost and make new growth possible. We allow the movement of light.

Bring your expertise in being alive as you – that’s plenty!
No other prior experience is needed.

Cathy and Zuza are colleagues, friends, co-conspirators. We love each other's work and are super excited & delighted to be working together – with you!

If curious, or unsure, please email Zuza> or Cathy>

For Cathy's website, click here>

Thank you for the transparency, contact, permission, space, witnessing, clear boundaries. You hold space securely and safely, holding people with an open palm. "All is welcome here.” This absolutely made it possible for me to show up as fully as I did.

Tiffany Higgins