Moving with Dreams | Zuza Engler | Transformative Dance & Embodied Inquiry

Moving into Dreamtime

a workshop with Zuza Engler and Denise Martini of SomaSense
inspired by Gestalt Dreamwork, Open Floor and Continuum Movement

Receive personalized teachings and direction for the new year—directly from the great dreamer continually dreaming you into being.

JANUARY 24–27, 2019

THURSDAY | FRIDAY | SATURDAY 10:30–6:30 | SUNDAY 2:30–6:30

This workshop qualifies as a prerequisite for the Body as Living Presence Yearlong Program and offers 24 CE hours for therapists and social workers.


A private studio near Sonoma, CA


$500 | $450 by January 10, 2019. Please note, the list may close before that date.
Your tuition includes the $100 non-transferable, non-refundable registration fee required to hold your spot. Balances are due by January 10. The early bird discount expires on that day.


This workshop is open to 18 participants and likely to fill in advance. A non-transferable, non-refundable registration fee of $100 is required to hold your spot. Balances are due by January 10.

Please pre-register with a payment & email us with your contact information (name, phone number, and physical address). Checks to Zuza Engler, 883 Chardonnay Circle, Petaluma, CA 94954.
For credit card payments, use the PayPal button. You won't need a PayPal account.

Dreamtime Payment

Your registration fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. For cancellations before December 24, 2018 monies paid over the $100 will be refunded. No refunds for cancellations after December 24, 2018. The early bird discount expires on January 10.

Move, breathe, sound, and speak from and into your dreams—whether night dreams, day dreams, or life dreams—
using them to touch what is alive, relevant, important for you right now.

Forget everything you ever knew about what dream symbols “mean.” Guided and supported in a creative and playful engagement with your interior landscape and with others, you will have space and permission to listen for your own discovery of meaning out of the richly layered tapestry of your dreaming and waking self.


In this small group experiential immersion into dreamtime, we will focus on partner/triad practices, expressive and integrative inquiries through movement, sound, breath, art. Demo dream sessions of varying lengths will also be offered. Denise will lead sessions inspired by Continuum Movement every day. See her website here.


Dreams are a powerful portal into the psyche. When creatively embodied, they offer meaning, depth, and purpose. They help make sense of confusing or overwhelming life situations, show the way out of unresolved dilemmas, and bring integration of the countless disparate experiences we encounter on our inner and outer paths.


A meeting such as this is a powerful way to be together in presence, to ride the edge of creative inquiry, to get to know oneself and each other, to experience the magic of a dream village, and to practice openness, curiosity, compassion and a sense of wonder.

This work feeds me in ways I have yet to imagine. I am experiencing a feeling of sharing, knowledge, strength, openness, vulnerability and connectedness to my own self within the infinite. I really appreciate all Zuza does; her willingness to delve into such inquiry is rich.

Kenny Reardon