Moving with Feeling | Zuza Engler | Moving with Life

Inside In: Moving with Feeling

This workshop qualifies as a prerequisite for the Moving with Life Yearlong Program
and can be taken as an Open Floor Teacher Training elective.


Join us for an opening, clearing, exhilarating journey of reclaiming our aliveness, authenticity, power, and love.

MAY 21–24, 2020

Sunday morning's Body Prayer is included in the fee (and optional).

This workshop qualifies as a prerequisite for the Moving with Life Yearlong Program and can be taken as an Open Floor Teacher Training elective.


A private studio in Sebastopol, CA. Details will be sent upon registration.


$425 if paid in full by April 21 | $475 after


24 participants. Every body is welcome.
Please submit payment with your registration.
Send a check to Zuza, 883 Chardonnay Cir, Petaluma 94954,
or use the Paypal button here to pay by credit card.

The Early Bird Discount is on until April 21.

Join us today!
The $150 registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Balances are due on April 21 or the total fee goes up to $475. All payments are non-refundable after April 21.
The workshop has set off an explosion of awareness and aliveness in my daily life. The container was exquisitely nurtured and blossomed into a rich space for us to deeply dive in. The depth of the group field was a function of the trust and safety built up from the start. I appreciate the nurturing contact which created such a supportive space.
The room was beautiful, intimate. I loved having all those trees always in sight with the wind swishing through them. I loved being able to go to the deck and dance with the sun and sky and trees. Such wonderful resources!
Let's take an expedition into the moving, sensing, feeling body,

and meet ourselves and each other in the context of present moment experience, backed up by the solid connection to the equanimity of earth and sky.

Learn how to follow the thread from sensation into the feeling realm without getting lost in emotional processing. Distinguish between direct experience, emotion, and story. Discover a felt sense of what it's like to allow a feeling without having to repress or express it.

Open to anything that can be felt in the body: Weight in contact with ground, vague pressure, vibration, tension in your lip, compression in the ears, a sense of space around, the shape of space inside, the streaming of energy in your legs, the smell of jasmine wafting in, tears building up behind the eyes, the heat in your belly, even the apparent absence of feeling we call numbness which is a whole sensate scenery in itself.

Anchor the moving inquiry with simple questions: what am I noticing, sensing, needing, feeling? what is moving? what inside me wants to be seen, met, brought out into the light? Going at your own pace, and only as far as you choose, be held within the heart of community where all of you is welcome, this time around.

The space is open for whatever experiences arise, including big waves and tiny ripples, familiar feelings and those we cannot name, flashes of inexplicable longing, tenderness, expansion, contraction, and as always, the inherent awkwardness of this human being. You are welcome here with all your clarity and confusion, willingness and resistance, beauty and terror.

Given time, space, permission to express in everyday doses, feelings naturally flow through and become a resource for aliveness, authenticity, power, and love.

This spontaneous, immediate responsiveness is how wild animals remain sane. Moving while feeling is one way toward reclaiming our wildness, self-care, and relational sanity.

Zuza creates a magical space for us which is rooted in her big heart and seems to expand endlessly into the open sky! I felt her to be a truly trustworthy leader who is walking/dancing her talk. I felt encouraged to express myself with any movement without any judgment. I felt the freedom of my soul moving through my body.

Romana Tripolt