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Reflection: The Art of Being With

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Prior participation in one of the Body as Living Presence programs (such as a BALP yearlong, Spring Immersion, Petaluma Monday class, Initiation, or Moving with Dreams) is required. If unsure, please inquire.


Private Studio in Sebastopol, California
(about 10 minutes south of town)


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This study & practice circle of Embodied Inquiry with Zuza & Scott

assisted by Denise Martini, is a small group immersion into the study and practice of the art of reflecting: ways of contacting, tracking, and following experience in service of more aliveness and presence. In the spirit of aloha, all ways. Held in a strong field of shared aspiration, you will be supported in deepening your capacity for bringing loving, spacious, unconditional attention to your own experience and guided in accompanying others as we fumble together toward an embodied existence.


To deepen our capacity for being in presence with oneself and another, we will practice inner and partnered inquiry, kinesthetic resonance, compassionate witnessing, and resource building; develop cognitive and somatic tracking skills; and support each other in following and trusting life here now. Students will have lots of opportunity to develop and practice their skills in the art of reflection, both in the classic Gestalt Awareness Practice triads as well as through movement and meditation inquiries inspired by Soul Motion®, Continuum, and other approaches.

We will interweave interactive teachings and discussion with partner/triad practices, expressive and integrative interludes (movement, sound, breath, art, writing...?). Each participant will have the opportunity to play multiple times the roles of initiator, reflector, and witness. We're open to hearing your requests (though we don't promise to deliver).


A meeting such as this is a powerful way to be together in presence, to see how embodied inquiry works, to get to know oneself and each other, to experience the magic of a circle/congregation/community field, and to practice openness, kindness, compassion, patience, and a sense of humor.

When my clients come in anxious and speedy, I am able to meet them where they are and invite them to slow down, connect to their body, breath, sensations, and feelings. Those are skills we practiced in dyads and triads during the program, but even more, it is something that Zuza models so well, working with individuals and with the group from this spacious, patient presence.

Karen Drucker