Moving with Life | The Body Process


Body Process: Inner Work Groups with Zuza Engler, Ph.D. 

Fall 2022 

2 eight–week series for deep divers | one online & one in person

Two small group series for emotional work, relational sanity, and spiritual refreshment.

You may join one – or both, if you desire extra diving and learning time.

ONLINE MONDAYS 9–11 AM [Pacific]

OCTOBER 10–DECEMBER 5, 2022 | no session October 24

Eight Monday mornings in your own practice room on zoom-zoom. Ideally, with some privacy and a bit of space to move. Please have a stable internet connection, the zoom app with video capacity [this is a must], best on a computer vs. other devices.


OCTOBER 11–DECEMBER 6, 2022 | no session October 25

Eight Tuesday evenings at my house in Petaluma, California. Open to all. Details closer to start date.


We may add 20-30 minutes after some meetings for a Q & A type of clinic regarding how the process works. Only for those who like to geek out on embodiment and/or are interested in applying some of the magic in their own work with clients, students, or in peer supervision.



If you haven't worked with Zuza before, please email us to schedule a short chat. Otherwise, please register by sending in your full payment.

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Either series meets the qualifications for 16 hours of continuing education credit for therapists and social workers.
Please note: If you are requesting CE credits you must attend all sessions in full.


$150 fee for cancellations received by September 18. No refunds for cancellations after September 18, 2022. Thank you for your understanding.

Email Angel with any questions.

    So maybe your relationships suck at the moment.

    Or maybe you can't even find your heart, like whatever happened to self-love? Or perhaps you feel stuck in a situation you don't know how to get out of exactly. Or feel disconnected, flat, going through the motions & a little numb from all the tv. Or perhaps so loaded with feeling that you are afraid to breathe. You know, all that terror, rage, and despair with no place to go.

    Each of the series is a safe space for weekly re-opening of the heart and emotional recovery through the body.

    A space to feel, express, release, and recover some capacity for facing what life brings us daily, without reprieve. 

    Well, this is the reprieve:  an opportunity to reclaim some open space and swap the anxiety, overwhelm and despair of lonely living for regular support in a circle of radical presence.

    You will have multiple opportunities (if desired) to explore, with Zuza’s support, what’s alive, challenging, or in need of attention on your inner or outer path. 

    In your individual work, we will explore your moving body as a portal into the healing process while building capacity for embodied presence. Through an alchemy of inner sensing, feeling, expression, and imagination we will address what needs completion in the past and explore next steps for your future.

    No pushing: only what feels right for you when it's right for you.

    In addition to inner work with Zuza for interested participants, each session may offer short essential movement practices for emotional release and spiritual resource plus/and/or depending on the day, partner practices, a little teaching, & circle sharing. 

    But mostly time for you to drop in and through to the other side.

    Body Process is an integrated, expressive inner work with movement at its core. However, if you want to "just dance," this would not be a great fit. 

    Also not a great fit if you want just to talk. 

    A great fit, though, if you want to learn, first hand, the magic of this powerful approach to embodied awakening. To make some real contact with yourself (and others), practice communication grounded in actual reality as different from interpretation, projection, analysis, or mental assessment. To relax into body, heart and spirit for true and profound belonging.

    Willingness to show up as is, experiment, face the music, and sometimes fail royally is required.

    PS. We may add 20-30 minutes after some meetings for a Q & A type of clinic regarding how the process works – only for those who like to geek out on embodiment and/or are interested in applying some of the magic in their own work with clients, students, or in peer supervision.

    Zuza Engler, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

    CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider # 1000053.  
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    The workshop far exceeded my expectations in terms of its depth and the places I re-met within myself. It was valuable to get in touch with my core vitality and what had been blocking it. The combination of solo, partner and full group time was exquisitely balanced. I bring back a renewed sense of myself.

    Thomas Lucas