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Up Down

Despite reassurances from Madison Ave. that it’s always possible to upgrade to a better life, our existence here seems to be an up-down situation.

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Full Catasrophe Living, Total Body Breathing

Did you know that lungs are not where breath happens? where else do you ask, and why care? Only because maybe like me, you want to be here before we all go, likely way too soon...
So, open your mouth and take a deep breath ... then another ... wiggle your pelvis a little ... now open your arms and reach up ... no, really, do it - rightherenow. Again. Again. Feeling better? Maybe not. Feeling more? Oh yeah.
For complete instructions on total body breathing by Alexander Lowen, keep reading. Better yet: join us in one of the workshops so we can continue reclaiming our outrageous, creative, expressive life.

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This Ashram Is Not Meant to Run Smoothly

As I face computer death and unpaid estimated taxes (that's last year's taxes we're talking) I'm also savoring the sweet aftertaste of the first installment of the Initiation series and preparing for my European trip. Trying to breathe through the panic I'm staring into the Abyss of Admin and am reminded of the response of Osho, the wild mystic still alive in many hearts, when students would complain about the chaos in his community in Pune, India.

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Include the Excluded, or Fear is Not for Sissies

Have you ever felt afraid when about to step across a threshold into a new possibility? Stood there, jittery, nauseous, clammy with sweat, telling yourself all the reasons why you should not do what you're about to do?

I am at a threshold now, about to commit to a new direction in my work that reveals what I most love. Listening to Radio Freakout, I am convinced I shouldn't do this. We know how this ends: derision, humiliation, and the worst of it all, aloneness. I am sweating even as I write this.

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