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Personal Transformation for Professional Growth

If you are a coach, therapist, movement teacher, or body worker, you understand the transformative power of working with people in an experiential way. You know the body holds the memory, wisdom, resources, and access to healing, authenticity, and power. You know that you can only take your clients/students as far as you have gone. You want to continue your own journey to embodiment and grow your capacity for attunement and compassion.
Join us in the Body as Living Presence yearlong: a raid on embodiment, community, love, laughter, prayer, and the whole magnificent mess of human being. This program can help you deepen what you already do while you
  • build confidence in your somatic competency, tracking skills, ability to read body cues and see the room (when working with groups)
  • practice experiential Gestalt techniques for clarifying needs, articulating boundaries, communicating directly and authentically, and completing unfinished emotional business from the past
  • learn how to respond to your clients’/students’ big emotions, reactivity, preferences, demands, projections, triggers – and critical (or adoring) feedback
  • add artwork, dreamwork, and other ways of soulful engagement with yourself and others
  • develop embodied spirituality, a felt sense of the sacred that is grounded in everyday life
  • access the resources, support, and nourishment you need to continue on your path.

From participant feedback: This practice helps me hold safe and sacred space for other people as a therapist, parent and friend. ... I now bypass thought and story to contact direct experience as a crucial reference point for my life – and the only foundation for true intimacy with self and others. ... I'm integrating somatic practices to deepen the self-inquiry process with myself and my clients. I'm much more able to be present to self and others. ... Scott and Zuza encourage expression and openness.