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Together in a Field of Grace

What happened in a recent workshop, Inside In: Moving with Feeling, confirms that the group field is the key ingredient in all this. What seems to catalyze the most profound healing (and the most surprise) is being seen, met, accepted and held in my full messed-up glory not only by myself, not only by my therapist in a one-on-one, private, almost secretive setting––but in the presence of peers, in a circle of all these , deep diving, expressive, creative beings, like myself equally full of aliveness and inertia, buoyancy and depth, love and fear, confusion and brilliance.

Someone said the bad news is we need each other, and the good news–that we have each other! Most of us are survivors of family, culture, and belief systems that shut down not only expression but even our own perception of sensations and feelings, especially but not limited to the "negative" ones. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I believe that if we had more opportunities to offer each other the kind of presence that can unlock those shut down places in us and allow them fresh air and daylight and space––I believe we would live in a much less insane world.