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Join us on the path into the heart of aliveness, presence, authentic relating, co-creative community, and spirituality grounded in the body. We offer classes, workshops, and long-term study groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, at Esalen Institute, and other locations around the world.


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So this is the adventure I propose to you. I want every thought and every feeling, every hope and every dream, every fear and every pain. I want them all. We will put them in our pot and pour in spices from the East. We will add our love and prayers.
Later we will dine together and the food we eat will make us strong. Our shallow self will cook away, in the depths we carry in us. Bring to me your yearning, for I am big enough to meet you there. The spirit who dwells with us forever will make for us an enchanted place, and we will become who we truly are.

Now come up to the wall with me, and the wall will disappear, my love. The wall will disappear.

Marianne Williamson