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Fully Show Up in the World

You're not alone

Overwhelmed and stuck in worry about your life and the state of the world?

You're TENSE
& Stressed 

Feel unhappy in your current life situation but aren't sure what else you can do?


Wonder how to create the life you want or take better care of yourself?

You Want More LIFE in your life

Do you long to reclaim your authenticity, creativity and power?

For the past 30 years, I have accompanied thousands of dance devotees, depth divers, spiritual seekers and ‘body freaks' toward feeling at home in our skin so we can move through life with a relaxed body, an open heart and a mind free from relentless commentary (at least on a good day).

But I did not start out that way! I was born in Poland into a culture of repression and denial. I grew up feeling alone and lost, traumatized by early hospital experiences and a longing for something I could not even name.

Everything was surface and survival. There was no space for feeling or real contact. I wandered through my twenties filled with an emptiness inside that was unbearable.

So, perhaps it is no wonder that I now offer a practice called Moving with Life to a community of people like you: hungry for real living and sharing the intention to explore, to deepen, to open, to relax.

From desperately lost
to loving my life

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You'll find a new sense of confidence in yourself and shift from feeling alone to a sense of belonging that you never knew was possible.

You'll discover what your next step is, how that fits with the next chapter of your journey and how showing up fully opens doors to the life you were born to live.

In our training program for the Moving Circles Sangha, Wake Up into Belonging, you will be guided and supported along the path to finding your true north and fully showing up to create the life you want.

Together we'll clarify the vision you have for your life, sense into how you can create more fulfillment and joy in your work and relationships, and support you in taking on embodied practices to replace worry and doubt with awareness, clarity, and trust.

An integrative training program to create and nourish the life & work you came here to do

Wake Up Into Belonging

I was on my leading edge 99% of our year together. So much magic, evolution, heart opening! I feel transformed, transmuted, open, loving and loved.

– Tricia Parrish

The yearlong teaches me to tap into my most available, and valuable resource.
My body intelligence.

- Jane

This course is teaching me skills and confidence to move toward the work I want to offer in the world, supporting  a change in my profession I’ve dreamed of for a long time.

- Kat Snow

Zuza, the depth and breadth of what you offer is rare. To create a community that participates wholeheartedly in that is rare.

- Tricia Parrish

You are a phenomenal teacher — astute, observant, skilled in taking me to the core of a problem or experience, with powerful skills to pass on to your students.

- Kat Snow

Take the class in motion, or lie down, breathe, and listen to the guidance, making it a lovely meditation

Guided by Zuza and 30 minutes of music

A gentle movement exploration of the possibility of effortless release

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A gentle movement exploration

Soft Release

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