Lover of motion and stillness.
Trainer and mentor of teachers. Devoted though imperfect wife.
Closet writer. Work in progress.

Hi! I'm Zuza.

Very quickly, I became aware of the power of movement to unlock the hidden places inside.

The shortcut it creates to what years of talk therapy may have never touched; the elegant way it offers for moving with what inside us needs attention and love.

In my twenties, I felt like I was sleepwalking through the world as if watching someone else’s movie–a flat cardboard figure behind a glass wall, unable to touch what’s real.

Vacant and unreal myself, like I wasn’t even there. Longing to jump through that glass wall between the world and me, and not knowing how.

I was going through the motions of what only looked like a life. I did not know what was ailing me and that there was a medicine for my illness.

Until a friend dragged me into a barefoot boogie event in San Francisco.

(I only stayed because I didn’t have a way to get home without him.)

I used to be a self-appointed klutz.

What followed was 30 years of dancing, training, exploring, sitting, and sharing with thousands of students the practices that saved my life.

I am committed to this spiral path of waking up, together through movement, stillness, deep inner work, and time in nature.

Because dance, or therapy, or meditation alone does not cut the mustard.

On a spiral path full of ‘coincidences’ I continued to be led to places where the teachers understood this sacred marriage of body, heart, and spirit.

So we can be here before we die, show up with each other with some degree of grace, and contribute to making a better world for all. 

Now, I offer you the medicine I so badly needed when I was young.

You are a phenomenal teacher — astute, observant, skilled in taking me to the core of a problem or experience, with powerful skills to pass on to your students.

Kat Snow

Zuza, the depth and breadth of what you offer is rare. To create a community that participates wholeheartedly in that is rare.


In every group I’ve been in with you I feel seen, well guided, and completely trusting of your leadership.


In this interview, filmed by Jens Wazel in the Spring of 2022, I do my best to describe the current shape of my work, Moving with Life. But really, the best way of learning about it is to join us!

Hear what it's all about from Zuza herself:

Moving With Life 

Magic happens when a group of dedicated movers comes together to explore the mess and miracle of living a full, generous, embodied human life.

A movement field is awakened in which we can experience the healing power of grounded presence, open-hearted relating, and embodied devotion.

Through conscious movement we directly enter the dance of awareness, going deeper and deeper into release, wide into opening, and then suddenly through to the other side where something bigger is obviously present.

Moving With Life offers spaces for you to experience all of this and more in small groups and in large groups and sometimes one-on-one. 

Moving With Life

I appreciate your timing and sensitivity. You know just when to dig in, and just when to use a light touch, in equal parts tenacious and kind. You give me space, permission, and the tiny push at the exact  moment when I need help.

Jane Parkes

It’s hard to find people who can hold this kind container – who have the depth, the breadth, the joy, the smarts, the enthusiasm – but somehow, you pull it all together and it’s amazing. Plus it’s fun, and it's good for me, and I’m “doing work” and healing.


Zuza’s teaching, with a minimum of instruction, creates a grand opening for exploring self with self, beyond self, self with others in freedom, in movement of feet and emotion. Love gets down and real.


Your facilitation is both spacious and firm in guiding us into presence, mobility, spontaneous play, emotional intelligence, and prayer.  The space you hold supports internal exploration and builds a deep sense of community by encouraging inclusive interaction and creative collaboration.


A few perfect words from you awaken a curious, glorious exploration of my body as energy in motion. My soul is nourished and emotions felt, processed, healed and nurtured thru this practice. I am grateful for your  invitation to touch spirit through movement.

Devamarga Goldy

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