An integrative training to create and nourish the life & work you came here to do

Wake Up Into Belonging

... And you're unsure what to do about all this???

hungry for real living, belonging, or access to something bigger than the daily grind  

alone and lost, or lost in relationships that leave you feeling lonely

sensing that something is still missing despite all your achievement and success

trapped in a life without direction, purpose, or meaning

feeling empty and scared, anxious about your future and the future of the earth

Did you wake up today, like every other day...

- Mary Oliver

Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?

But we are here, looking for you!

You may be reluctant to admit this because there weren't many people like you in your past, which made you think you were alone, or crazy. 

I know you long to live a life aligned with your true purpose: a life that is spirited, creative, undivided, expansive.

Come out of isolation and into the heart of connection:
to yourself, to Life, and to the Mystery that we also are.

Make the contribution you came here to offer this troubled world of ours

Practice leaning into something vaster than your biography so it becomes the baseline of your daily experience

Shift from feeling adrift and alone to a sense of true belonging and acceptance – without having to edit and pretend

Connect more deeply with yourself and create deeper connections with others

Release tension, stress, and anxiety without talking or overprocessing

Join our Moving Circles Sangha to drop into your body and reconnect with your heart. Find the knowing in your bones that will guide you home.

This program is comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and holistic.
Embodiment, authenticity, creativity, truth, playfulness, community, love: it's all here.

- Tricia Parrish, Advanced Bodyworker

Minimum commitment of one year – 4 consecutive modules

Open to 18 participants

First Round Enrollment is now closed.

Weekly online meetings three times a month

Four non-residential, in-person modules at a private studio in Sebastopol, California

an in person, live, alive, safe, brave, healing space with enough room for all of your humanity: the glory, the mess, your brilliance and your confusion, the awkwardness and grace

Wake Up Into Belonging:
the Moving with Life Integrative Training

Second Round will open July 1 if we still have space. Join the waitlist!

Some crazy communion happened in that room, with tears, sensuality, laughter, and connection. I felt a deep self-love. Nothing like I'd imagined, but fully embodied, all of me, all the ways I've doubted myself, there I was. In reverence and love.

- Jane Parkes, Artist

Inhabiting all the dimensions of human existence: somatic, emotional, relational, imaginal, and spiritual?

Feeling safe to express all of you and being seen, accepted, held in a circle of love?

Moving through life from the knowing deep inside your bones, relaxed in your skin, courageous in relationship, connected to your heart?

Can you imagine...

Become a part of a community of other deep divers and create lasting relationships of mutual support and collaboration.

Where you don’t have to look like you have your act together.

Let’s travel together on the spiral path across the landscapes of conscious movement, embodied inner work, relational healing, and elemental belonging.

Bring your creativity, vulnerability, longing, relational imperfection, your grief, rage, ecstasy, just the whole quirky, adorable essence of you.

Welcome to the Moving Circles Sangha: a community where you can totally be yourself.

I’ve learned greater trusting that there's a larger field that I can soften into, that I am not an isolated creature doomed to carry the weight of my life alone.

- Loretta Mijares, English Professor, Mom

I struggle with intimacy in my life and isolation in work. This here is such a deep and supported experience, connecting with self and others, beyond self, in motion!

- Gaila Newburg – Nurse, Group Facilitator, Mom

The invitation to stay with my core while opening to others is also something I can practice off the dance floor. I find I’m moving and breathing more and thinking and analyzing less.

-  Liz Christensen

The practice returns me to myself and helps me discover that the world is a safe place, that there is room for me – for my creativity, my leadership, my failings and inadequacies. There is glory and grace in all of it, when I allow my soul to live in motion. 


By moving and sounding from the inside out, and using my body to dance my feelings, I can much more fully express my pain and my tenderness which often have no words. To do so in a circle of others where I feel respected, cherished and fully seen, has been enormously therapeutic.

- Cherie

Have a dedicated space for yourself to release, unload, express and refresh.

Reliably access the resources, support, and nourishment you need to continue your life’s work.

Explore your special angle, point of view, unique expression or direction for your professional path.

Integrate dreamwork, artwork, nature, and other ways of soulful engagement with yourself and others.

Bridge the worlds of touch, movement, awareness and hold your work in a bigger context.

Practice non-doing while resisting the impulse to help or fix and allowing space for sitting with the tension field of unresolved dilemmas.

Experience and use movement as shortcut to deeper layers of the psyche and a broader range of expression.

Build your skills for being present with clients and working with groups.

We will support you to:

You will find here new ways of working with people. Not just via
techniques, but the most important thing: your own embodied presence.

If you are a coach, healer or movement teacher:

It is a miracle to be invested in by a compassionate teacher and community. To be gently held
accountable for my desires and my transformation.  To be offered tools for embodied trauma healing, relational Gestalt, non-verbal processing and integration, group facilitation – tools that
are foundational to my clients’ success and healing.


I come back because of how this path has created so much more ease in my life. It has
absolutely changed how I teach, and parent, and how I am in relationship. Pause. Breathe. Lean
into the back body. What's real and true right now?


I'm learning to express myself authentically through movement, writing, drawing,
witnessing, being witnessed, and group process. I bring these practices and teachings
to my healing practice and my clients benefit in profound ways.

- Tricia Parrish, Advanced Bodyworker

This course is teaching me skills and confidence to move toward the work I want to offer in the world, supporting  a change in my profession I’ve dreamed of for a long time.

- Katrin Snow

The Details


Group size is limited to 18 participants

First Round Enrollment is now closed. Second Round will open July 1 if we still have space. Join the waitlist!


3 times a month.
First call is on October 10, 2024, 9:30-11 am Pacific
Further Thursday dates TBA
Open to all accepted applicants once confirmed with the $1,500 initial payment. 


August 25-30, 2025: Soul’s Unfolding: Be the Change

April 28-May 3, 2025:
The Art of Being With: Resonance & Reflection

January 27-Feb 1, 2025: Body Process: Moving with Feeling

October 21-26, 2024: Revelation & Release

(non-residential, held at a private studio in Sebastopol, California)

180 CE hours for therapists & social workers ($25 certificate fee)

A previous program with Zuza longer than a weekend.

The Embody 101 Recorded Online Course (included in tuition)

Application submitted with a non-refundable $95 application fee (applied toward program cost if you are accepted)

Prior experience with conscious movement, inner work, and spiritual practice


Monthly Payment Plan $7,450

Final balances due August 1, 2025.


Initial non-refundable fee of $1,500 [includes the $95 app fee] due within 10 days of acceptance + $495 / month for 12 months.

Payment in Full $7,250 [saves $200] due September 1, 2024.


Other questions?

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Your Next Steps

What I got: Deeper insight into my soul. Acceptance of who I am. The experience of what safety feels like in my body. Ways to process trauma more efficiently and effectively through the body. Encouragement to honor my boundaries. Overall, more capacity and resilience for the vast expression of life. I now feel seen, valued, held, and safe in community.


I too was lost for a long time, filled with a longing so intense that it took my breath away on a daily basis.

I grew up in Poland, feeling alone and lost, traumatized by early hospital experiences and by a family culture of repression and denial. Everything was surface and survival. There was no space for feeling, aliveness, or real contact. I seemed the only one who wanted that, anyway.

I wandered through my twenties filled with an emptiness inside that was unbearable. I traveled, I partied, I got academic degrees. I got lost in useless relationships. I desperately wanted to find my way to what felt like real living. Instead, I was going through the motions of what only looked like a life.

Hi! I'm Zuza

Today, I offer you the medicine that saved and gave me my life: a program that combines movement, stillness, deep inquiry, and time in nature to support people just like you to fully show up in the world.

Luckily, I followed my longing, not knowing what I was looking for. I found my way to teachers and mentors who deeply embodied the unity of body, heart, and spirit.

Through thousands of hours of my own movement practice, inner work, and meditation, I took a miraculous path that led me from the Polish countryside to the Pacific Coast of California, from being a student of philosophy to teaching body-based awareness practices, from lonely travels to community living, from the serial drama of short-term, long-distance relationships to a magnificent and lasting marriage—in other words, from a limited, disembodied existence to levels of aliveness and fulfillment I have never imagined possible.

Join the
Moving Circles Sangha

Wake up into belonging

I was on my leading edge 99% of our year together. So much magic, evolution, heart opening! I feel transformed, transmuted, open, loving and loved.

Our tribe which we created together is sacred to me. I feel so much belonging and connection among us. 

My life-long quest for healing is manifesting in ways I never knew possible.

- Tricia Parrish, Advanced Bodyworker

Are willing to work within the perplexing paradox of self-expression in community, interested as much in your inner work as in co-existing with others around you in the group field: all-out being your full unedited self within the unavoidable constraints of a circle of practice as our context for learning.

Are not looking for a magic pill but a magic process and recognize that it can take a while (like a decade) and a lot of repetition to develop new habits and experience the kind of transformation you’re seeking.

Want to learn how to live with an open heart and take care of yourself at the same time. Even though you have good enough sense of your boundaries – how to sense, set, read, and respect them – you also recognize that they could be more porous, or more firm: maybe you are really good at closing but not so great at opening, or vice versa

Want relationships based on genuine contact rather than superficial pretense; crave real conversations, want to be heard and to hear the truth of others – in a safe space to practice and experiment and find the courage to risk your heart again

Have reached a degree of maturity so that your psychology is not a constant crisis; developed a bit of stability in relationship – at least to yourself! – and stamina to face the hard truths in the work of transformation

Have a kinesthetic sensibility, or curiosity: can be present in your body at least for moments, have already traveled along some kind of healing/spiritual path that includes embodied discovery, and are fascinated by what's going on here

Love deep diving and can tolerate living with vulnerability, awkwardness, and humor in the face of the absurdity of life. Deep diving does not have mass appeal, right? But you are one of those people who don't mind going all the way, feeling intensely, moving passionately, dissolving into play, praying hard, laughing till you cry (or vice versa) while courageously facing those unintegrated psychic fragments that float in there in the murky waters of our interior.

Are hungry, ravenous really, for discovery & deepening, expression & expansion, revelation & release

Moving Circles Sangha might be a great program for you if you:

Still wondering if this is for you?

... though so many people do not see this possibility until they're plunged smack into it. "Wow I never knew that genuine connection, creative living, this depth of joy were possible for me!"

But, but… This program does not offer fixes, problem solving, or formulas for success. Rather than a resolution to your issues, the process offers you a context in which to hold your life.
People who receive the most benefit are those who take it on as a life-long practice.

Anyway, what else would you want to do with your time but dance, deepen, dissolve – practice being here before we all die?    –– ZUZA

Yes! It is possible to live a conscious, connected life in alignment with our essence

At a place in your growth where you need to follow your process at all times no matter what is happening around you; or if you value uncontained expressiveness that won't accept the natural constraints imposed by co-existing in a group setting; and/or are consistently unable to take guidance or shift focus to follow the group’s direction.

Attached to blaming others, life, or god for all your trouble and not so interested in looking inside.

Seeking a quick fix, or a formula for mastery. Ours is not a way of perpetual ascent. It will not deliver you to the promise of "every day in every way I’m getting better and better". But you will learn skills, practices, and resources that will sustain you for the rest of your life. Rather than becoming a master of anything in seven steps, we hope you acquire a taste for being a life-long learner.

Facing an acute life crisis or have extensive unaddressed chronic trauma that significantly affects your day to day living and relating; our group work does not provide the kind of container, tempo, attunement or holding that is required for deep trauma resolution work; while people do experience brilliant and profound healing, our main aims are awareness, aliveness, relational fluidity, and professional skill building–not therapy.

Not ready to commit to a long term relationship with yourself and all the work, effort, sacrifice it requires.

To be extra clear... you may not be happy in this program if you are

Still have questions?

Ready to join?

What’s not to love? 
Some highlights: the movement, the creative play, the container big enough to hold space for my deepest trauma and my most expansive joy. The tuning into my body as a guide, the experience of feeling truly seen, the people who show up to join.

I didn’t know I needed this.
Deep sigh of relief at being and feeling whole and free and 100% me.


Join the
Moving Circles Sangha

Wake up into belonging

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