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Wake up into Belonging

Online Programs

Learn the fundamentals of our Moving with Life approach to body– and movement–based exploration work.

Recorded Online Course

Embody 101

This experiential movinar is open to any body interested in accessible and portable practices for embodied moving, exploring, and expressing.

Recorded online course

21 Days of Dance:
The Movinar

Live Classes

The Open Floor Marin community has gathered thousands of people to dance and learn together since 1987. Offered every Saturday morning, and led by Zuza or another teacher.

Saturday, JUNE 10
09:30–11:30 am
San Rafael, CA

Live, in person Class

Community Dance

Body Prayer is a facilitated event devoted to inquiry into embodied consciousness through movement,
offered every Sunday morning, and led by Zuza or another teacher.

Sunday Mornings
10 am–12 noon
Sebastopol, CA

Live, in person Class

Soul Motion®: Body Prayer

Not just a dance class, this program takes us on a path to self-discovery, embodied presence, and awakening to a bigger life. 

Wednesday Evenings 
April 12–May 31

Live, in person Class

The Floor is Open: Committed Practice Series

Workshops & Retreats

This workshop qualifies for 5.5 CE hours for therapists & social workers.

A Summer Saturday with Zuza at P.O.S.T Wellness by Design

June 24, 2023
Petaluma, CA

1 day live Workshop

Midsummer's Dream

Four week-long, non-residential in-person modules in Sebastopol, CA.

PLUS 3 zoom sessions per month.

Starting in JULY 2023

Yearlong training

Wake Up Into Belonging

180 CE hours!

A magical excursion into oceanic movement with Zuza, Scott, and the Bimini Wild Dolphin Pod

August 13–19, 2023
Island of Bimini in the Bahamas 

Tropical Retreat

Dreaming with Dolphins

This workshop qualifies as a prerequisite for the Moving with Life Yearlong Program.

16 CE hours

A weekend with Cathy Ryan and Zuza Engler. A moving exploration of improvisational theater in motion.

September 1 - 3, 2023
Western Sky Studio
Berkeley, CA

A THREE day live Workshop

Theater of the Soul

December 18-24

Zuza’s ability to almost magically bring people to a sense of community is stunning. This is belonging that does not require a sacrifice of individuality but makes space for each person to be safe and to shine. 


The dance is my refuge– the inner temple as an eternal sanctuary always to return to. The more comfortable I feel in the solo dance the more alive I am with others.
I feel as if when I am facing the unknown in my life there is a force I can depend on.

- Isa

The aliveness I experience on Zuza’s dance floor gives me such a sense of my personal creativity that I am empowered in all aspects of my life. The drama in my life has decreased because, when it arises, I skip, leap and spiral over and around it.

-  Barbara Brannon – Artist Rep

The practice has allowed me to be more present in my work and at home. I’ve learned to observe more and speak less in relationship with my teenagers. I drop into the moment and feel my body which allows me to respond, rather than react. 

- Elizabeth Crowley – Advanced Bodyworker, Movement Teacher, Mom

Zuza creates a magic space for the participants which is rooted in her big heart and seems to expand endlessly into the open sky! She is a truly trustworthy leader who is walking (dancing) her talk. 

- Romana Tripolt (psychologist, psychotherapist, 5rhythm teacher

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