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Wischemann Hall
465 Morris Street, next to the Community Center Annex
Sebastopol, CA


Sunday mornings
10 am–12 noon
Doors close at 10:10 am


🌟No experience necessary! Everyone welcome!

Live, In Person Class
Sebastopol, CA

Soul Motion®: Body Prayer

Monthly Subscription
$75 for a calendar month
$99 for a 5 Sunday month

This class is offered every Sunday morning, and led by Zuza or another teacher. It is usually attended by a vibrant & diverse bunch of welcoming and friendly people, some of whom have practiced Soul Motion® for years, while some ~ never before.

Body Prayer is a facilitated event devoted to inquiry into embodied consciousness through movement.

Soul Motion®: Body Prayer

No experience necessary!

Practices, structures, and points of view are offered to facilitate the journey. Participants are invited to travel across all landscapes, not just their favorite one: dancing by oneself, in duet, in ensemble with several people and eventually the whole room, or witnessing in stillness the beauty of another’s or of everyone’s dance.

Dance Infinite (prayer space)

Dance Community (ensemble)

Dance Communion (duet)

Dance Intimate (solo)

Guidance and structure are part of every week’s class as we travel across the four landscapes of Soul Motion®

WHat  to expect:

We move to an eclectic mix of music from classical to experimental, including sacred chant, world beat, rock and roll, opera remixes, jazz and contemporary electronica. Music arrangements do not follow a wave pattern and are not specifically designed for energy release; rather they are in-out-in-out sequences to invite awareness and presence in the moment. Slow passages are often included as well as passages with no music.

The Music:

Sometimes this requires taking risks and facing the challenges that may come up in the process.

Body Prayer offers a place to be safely uncomfortable as we experiment with ourselves and with each other in our awkward and magnificent dance at the edge of possibility.

As an awareness practice, conscious movement is a vehicle for self-discovery, inner development, and a deeper communion with others and the world.

Soul Motion with Zuza has regularly been my safe place for somatic attunement and physical and emotional healing. The setting is a salve for body and soul, a space of transformative growth and connection to community.

- Jerry Green

Zuza’s ability to almost magically bring people to a sense of community is stunning. This is belonging that does not require a sacrifice of individuality but makes space for each person to be safe and to shine. 


The dance is my refuge– the inner temple as an eternal sanctuary always to return to. The more comfortable I feel in the solo dance the more alive I am with others.
I feel as if when I am facing the unknown in my life there is a force I can depend on.

- Isa

This practice allows me to move through many layers of emotion and states of being, in the end always connecting me with my heart and the heart of the community. It is a very profound experience for me – to have my heart opened and witnessed by so many. 


The practice has allowed me to be more present in my work and at home. I’ve learned to observe more and speak less in relationship with my teenagers. I drop into the moment and feel my body which allows me to respond, rather than react. 

- Elizabeth Crowley – Advanced Bodyworker, Movement Teacher, Mom

Zuza creates a magic space for the participants which is rooted in her big heart and seems to expand endlessly into the open sky! She is a truly trustworthy leader who is walking (dancing) her talk. 

Romana Tripolt, psychologist, 5rhythmS teacher

The class is open to all regardless of vax status. Masks and social distancing are optional.

When you come for the first time, pick up the “Etiquette” flyer to read more... And then exhale, relax, and, sweet one, be wise ~ cast all your votes for Dancing!

To care for our beautiful floor, please no street shoes on the dance floor.

Avoid wearing perfume, lotion, or essential oils so those who are sensitive to scents can dance with us too.

Take any verbal conversations off the dance floor to allow yourself and others the rare pleasure of nonverbal communion.

We begin together at 10:15. Doors open a few minutes before 10:00 AM and close by 10:10. Please arrive a few minutes early and stay for the whole event.

First time beginners and mixed ability dancers, including those in wheelchairs, are always welcome.

Classes are open to any body over 15 willing to participate according to these agreements:

Logistically Speaking

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Or drop in for $25 (CASH, VENMO, PAYPAL)

Experience a Body Prayer Class

I come back because of how this practice has created so much more ease in my life. It has absolutely changed how I teach, and parent, and how I am in relationship. Pause. Breathe. Lean into the back body. What's real and true right now?

- Loretta Mijares, English Professor, Mom

I come here to move, find myself, feel deep places within. Whether frustrated, sad, worried, joyous, happy, angry, pained or free, all of it is possible to feel and love and express. I feel, sense, intuit, relate, grow, communicate.

- Debra Schubert – Movement Therapist and Bodyworker

Habits, patterns, emotion in motion: through the invitation to move, what was stuck in me finds a way out. An opportunity to be with others on the move, rough and smooth. It helps create a little something to carry on into regular life, even to give to others.

-  Mark Bauman – Bodywork Therapist and Movement Awareness Educator

This dance allows me to drop away from myself into a state of being that is pure impulse, presence and flow, then connect with others from this place of resonance with a bigger presence in the world. 

- Susan McDaniel – Healing Artist

I have learned to accept that everyone has their own dance. The practice teaches in such a literal way that there is an ebb and flow to all of life, all situations.
Patience, acceptance, inclusion.

- Timothy Wood – Carpenter

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