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21 Days of Dance: the Movinar

An experiential, experimental 21 day ride on apathy, resistance, and all our excuses why not to move every day! Use the recordings on your own schedule. They (the "them") say it takes 21 days to build a new habit. Do you want to prove them right? Hop on!

This experiential movinar is open to any body interested in accessible and portable practices for embodied moving, exploring, and expressing – for a more relaxed, open-hearted, and spiritually connected living.

Each session includes a short introduction to the theme, a section with lightly guided movement practice, and suggestions for how to apply the practices in the everyday dance.

This series may be especially useful to movement and embodiment teachers, coaches, somatic therapists, bodyworkers, and other people who work with people. 

It takes 21 days to change a habit

The 21 Day Movinar:
an online practice course

Due to the intimate nature of the zoom experience, we have not recorded actual live sessions. Instead, you will receive access to 21 pre-recorded guided sessions.

Each pre-recorded video or audio sessions includes:
  • a short introduction to the theme
  • a section with lightly guided movement practice
  • suggestions for how to apply the practices in the everyday dance
  • additional music suggestions (with links to playlists) for extending the practice (or not), however it suits your schedule.

7 audio recordings, each with a 30 min guided practice session with music

14 video sessions, each with an additional 30 min Spotify playlist for more of your dancing pleasure

21 inspirations for your own teaching (each can become a whole class, or a workshop!), facilitation, therapeutic intervention and resourcing

You get 21 recorded movement practice sessions:

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Release & Recover

Roots & Wings

Pulsing Bones

Radiant Joints

Spiraling Centers

Brilliant Breath

Some of the themes presented and practiced in this program:



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Due to the format of this series, we do not offer refunds after purchase.

Cancellation policy:

The program and recordings are free with the registration for the Embody 101 Webinar Series & The Moving with Life Yearlong. You will receive access info after signing up for those.

Please Note:

21 pre-recorded guided movement practice sessions


Whenever works for you! This course is self-paced and can be accessed anytime.


In your own practice room, or anywhere that fits. Ideally, with some privacy and a bit of space to move.



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Zuza’s teaching, with a minimum of instruction, creates a grand opening for exploring self with self, beyond self, self with others in freedom, in movement of feet and emotion. Love gets down and real.

- Mark Bauman

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