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Thank You for 15 Years of Dance!

The Body as Prayer Sunday class in Sebastopol turns 15 today.

In September 2002, under considerable peer pressure from Michael Skelton, whose Sunday events in Los Angeles were drawing hundreds of dancers, I scheduled a series of three classes at Wischemann Hall. Basically to prove him wrong: Sebastopol ain't LA; people have better things to do here on Sundays than dance.

The rest, as they say . . .

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Together in a Field of Grace

Embarrassing but true, I love taking my own workshops lately, secretly realizing that what I teach addresses my own ancient yearnings that could not be met way back when: My intense curiosity about what is going on here, how to be with the overwhelming presence of all this life inside and out, how to open to the endless mysterious flow of energy, sensation, breath, thought. My longing to meet myself and you in a field of grace where we are allowed our full humanity. My wish for each of us to be held in loving presence until every last tear is cried, the last shred of terror and numbness generously witnessed, every sensation and feeling allowed and danced with and honored, until an empty heart full of radiant space is the only thing left.

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This Ashram Is Not Meant to Run Smoothly

As I face computer death and unpaid estimated taxes (that's last year's taxes we're talking) I'm also savoring the sweet aftertaste of the first installment of the Initiation series and preparing for my European trip. Trying to breathe through the panic I'm staring into the Abyss of Admin and am reminded of the response of Osho, the wild mystic still alive in many hearts, when students would complain about the chaos in his community in Pune, India.

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A Different Conspiracy Theory

Someone said to me, every time I work with you guys, amazing things happen in the room--and I replied, only because of who shows up to play in the fields of presence. Conspire means to breathe together, did you know?

This has been a big year here... the first one since 2007 that the Soul Motion Leadership Training is happening without me. What I wanted for the program--to include in the curriculum essential aspects of Embodied Inquiry--did not match Arjuna's vision. Though we love and respect each other deeply, he decided to pursue a different direction and to let go of our collaboration in this area.

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