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Ecstasy at CVS

I'll have That To Go, Please .............

The other day I went for a small refund to CVS – which is high on the list of my least favorite stores to go to – and almost left on the spot at the sight of a long queue of people waiting for check out. One cashier. Lunch hour, duh.

But because I was fresh out of another amazing acu-ortho-body magic session with Ken Luke, I was slooow and eeeeasy. So off to the end of the line I go. Why wait when I can have an experience?

I close my eyes discreetly and start shifting weight just a little so as not to appear suspect to fellow shoppers. Weight shifting, space opening, story melting. I imagine my head sliding and slipping around in a big bronze bowl with a little bit of oil in it. Layers of sensation swirling inside my skull. Try it for yourself. Yum yum.

Long story short, I was sorry when another cashier came back from lunch and it was my turn to check out, leave the store, and resume the business of my day.

I have written in other places about the value of micro-practices. Here’s another plug for those 30-60 second forays into embodied life, the ABC of a presence moment that can make your day. As seen on Youtube!

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