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Change Happens – with Time and Practice

You can do this – relax in your body, love yourself, learn relationship skills, open your heart a little more, experience spacious mind… for moments at least – but it does take time and practice. That’s why it’s called a “practice,” not a “perfect”.

The work of waking up is a lifelong journey, not a 7 step program. You will be moving along a spiral path. Sometimes it may feel like you're going backwards.

You will likely experience some growing pains: sometimes literally your heart will hurt as it opens. you will be challenged by movement limitations perceived or real, fatigue in place of energetic activity.

The practice takes years to make a real difference. Deep transformation takes a lot of time and patience. Patience: not exactly my middle name either, but super important to develop.

There are no guarantees. There is no magic pill. But there is a magic process.

Here's how to start:
Move your body with awareness regularly.

Do something every day to stay in touch with yourself via micro-practices that involve body, breath, movement. Those do not take time, only half a minute here and there.
Make up a daily menu.

Practice opening to experience whatever it is (+ breathe and move with it).

For best results, join a weekly or more frequent movement class.Take a workshop when you can.

Alas… The love bubble in a workshop will burst pretty quickly unless you continue the work outside of the workshop room. Practice, practice, practice.

It’s helpful to have someone to practice with. Meet regularly with a practice buddy (phone or zoom OK). Skip the chit chat and go right to it.

Better yet, find a somatics/movement teacher to study with and join their community.

I look forward to seeing you on a dance floor.