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Would You Agree?

Conscious movement can not only be a shortcut to mindfulness, but a path of deep meditation and prayer. 

When I hold in awareness the inner world of my moving body (sensation, breath, flow, texture, feeling, image) without agenda or expectation, receiving the moment to moment unfolding of the experience, I may fall through the veil of everyday consciousness into a state of expanded awareness accompanied by a felt sense of connectedness, wholeness, and spiritual belonging. 

This requires an interest in and some capacity for body awareness, an ability to move, music (optional) and space to move (though not necessarily). 

The opening into wonder can happen in the stillness after a big dance sequence or in the midst of slow, deep inner micromovement with finely tuned attention when interior spaces open and shift and I enter timeless time. 

Add to that the miracle of kinesthetic resonance – how a body in motion naturally, effortlessly responds to the movement in surrounding space, and is it a wonder that we drop together into a place where the separation between us and the rest of Life seems to vanish?

It is a paradox, isn’t it? The more I am here, connected to my own experience, the more likely I can experience this sense of oneness where I know I always and forever belong to the Beloved.