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Movement is an Easy, Direct Way Into the Body...

Movement does not lie: gesture, posture, small movements we are unaware of can be used to dis-cover / uncover what’s going on under the surface of everyday oblivion. In inner work, very often a sensation, movement, or gesture is worth a thousand words.

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'Tis the Season to Go Bonkers!

'tis the season to go bonkers! So, do you have really good friends? Someone with whom to hang out when you're not feeling social, or dazzling, or even remotely chipper?

The Holy Daze is upon us. Perhaps especially at this time, the beautiful dark time between fall equinox and winter solstice, a beautiful but sometimes lonely time, perhaps far away from family, or even worse, right in the midst of family where real contact has been missing for years ... having a community of practice, what the Buddhists call a sangha, may make the precarious ride back into the light so much more doable.

Something wild is happening with the current yearlong program participants. People are actually spending regular time in practice with each other.

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Thank You for 15 Years of Dance!

The Body as Prayer Sunday class in Sebastopol turns 15 today.

In September 2002, under considerable peer pressure from Michael Skelton, whose Sunday events in Los Angeles were drawing hundreds of dancers, I scheduled a series of three classes at Wischemann Hall. Basically to prove him wrong: Sebastopol ain't LA; people have better things to do here on Sundays than dance.

The rest, as they say . . .

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​Happy Ishtar

Never mind the bunny with a candy basket. Easter is a celebration of the passage from bondage to freedom, from darkness to light, from crucifixion to resurrection. What a potent wake up call for every day of our lives. Around this time, a long long time ago and every year, Ishtar, the ancient Sumerian goddess descends into the underworld to reclaim a forgotten treasure.

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Even Fierce Warrior Hearts Need Rest

Fellow human,

As Alice Walker says, hard times require furious dancing ... and also a place to be together, furious or not, where we can touch what is real in our hearts in the midst of so much uncertainty out there.
Perhaps you marched in the streets last Saturday. Perhaps you feel hopeful, or desperate, or all fired up. Perhaps like us, you are looking for what can nourish and sustain us when everything seems to fall apart.
Keep up your creative inquiry, self-discovery, deep play. Find a way to breathe and move with the entire mess of this human and political condition. Allow your fierce warrior heart a few moments of rest. And recharge.
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