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Would You Agree?

Conscious movement can not only be a shortcut to mindfulness, but a path of deep meditation and prayer.

When I hold in awareness the inner world of my moving body (sensation, breath, flow, texture, feeling, image) without agenda or expectation, receiving the moment to moment unfolding of the experience, I may fall through the veil of everyday consciousness into a state of expanded awareness accompanied by a felt sense of connectedness, wholeness, and spiritual belonging.

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Movement is an Easy, Direct Way Into the Body...

Movement does not lie: gesture, posture, small movements we are unaware of can be used to dis-cover / uncover what’s going on under the surface of everyday oblivion. In inner work, very often a sensation, movement, or gesture is worth a thousand words.

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Personal Transformation for Professional Growth

It has become clear to me (via my experience and students' reports over the last twenty some years) that awareness of inner process can catalyze profound shifts toward alignment with the deeper desires and dreams for our lives. And that a long term learning circle offers uniquely powerful tools and conditions to support lasting transformation.

If you are a parent, friend, teacher, family member, and generally a human interested in relating to others, you know that sometimes love is not all we need. Most of us could also use a few extra resources, capacities, and relational skills to actually be able to show up for ourselves and each other.

Past BALP participants without fail reported significant life changes: reclaiming a sense of worthiness, belonging, and hope. A new career direction, a move across the country, a difficult decision regarding health care for an aging parent, sustained weight loss, sibling reconciliation, forgiveness, self-care, a new trust in life, deeper commitment to love.

If you are a coach, therapist, movement teacher, or body worker, you know that you can only take your clients/students as far as you have gone. You want to continue your own journey to embodiment and grow your capacity for attunement and compassion. Here's how we can help.

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​Happy Ishtar

Never mind the bunny with a candy basket. Easter is a celebration of the passage from bondage to freedom, from darkness to light, from crucifixion to resurrection. What a potent wake up call for every day of our lives. Around this time, a long long time ago and every year, Ishtar, the ancient Sumerian goddess descends into the underworld to reclaim a forgotten treasure.

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Think Again, Rene Descartes!

Contrary to popular disbelief, everything we experience in our lives is a bodily experience. I can argue otherwise, or I can surrender to the simple facts of aliveness right now - by attuning to my proprioceptive sense, concerning the location and movement of my body in space; by listening to the murmurs and whispers coming from my muscles, tendons, and joints; by luxuriating in the slow meandering process of tracking how sensations appear, move, develop and dissolve - in response, or in connection to any thought, image, memory, emotion I'm in touch with at the moment; and by noticing how I am held in the great context of the living world as this breathing, feeling, thinking body.

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