P.O.S.T Wellness by Design 
Petaluma, CA


Saturday, June 24, 2023
11am - 5:30pm

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🌟5.5 CE hours for therapists & social workers

a Saturday with Zuza

Midsummer's Dream

Do you notice, after some deep, connected, expressive dancing, how the darkness that surrounds us, so vast and dense, seems lit from within by a mysterious glow?

A luminous openness that has space for all of this wild, wicked, wondrous life?

How buried at the heart of pain lies the portal to an unexpected spaciousness of love?

to our heartache, despair, rage, terror, confusion, not knowing [___________] [fill in the blanks]. Rise and shine, adorable one!

Let's bring light, movement, feeling, and deep listening

to release the pressure that sucks the living daylight out of us and to reclaim our energy, sanity, aliveness... the unmistakable flame at the heart of each of us.

The floor is open to any body.

Let's move together for one short day 

Bring your pretty dances and your clumsy ones, your tears and growls and mindless laughter. Receive real contact, resource, excellent company, and a lot of room to be 'as is.'

Take a free ride to community, infinity, and open space.

Nothing is expected of you.

You inspire me and, yes, beautifully challenge me to show up the way I wish to in my life – which is with an open, authentic, honest and expressive heart.

- Eric Weiss


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Petaluma, CA 
at P.O.S.T Wellness by Design 
224A Weller Street


Saturday, June 24, 2023
11am - 5:30pm




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In the hands of a large, mysterious universe, one thing is clear: we won’t not be stretched beyond our limits, ultimately broken or broken open, and to what we do not fully know. Perhaps resurrection isn’t best considered a big, one-time event; perhaps we learn it in tiny movements, with tiny decisions. Amidst all of it, we choose to keep showing up, stretching our hearts and legs to rise again.


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