$2,750 after APRIL 13, 2023

$2,495 if paid in full before APRIL 13, 2023


the beautiful island of Bimini in the Bahamas and the waters around it. 


August 13–19, 2023
Sunday to Saturday

Date & Time

At The beautiful island of Bimini in the Bahamas and the waters around it. 

A Magical Excursion into Oceanic Movement
with Zuza, Scott, and the Bimini Wild Dolphin Pod

Dreaming With Dolphins

... likely in this order of importance & measure of pleasure. (Though some people come back just for the food.)

In our experience, these encounters with wild dolphins
are very much like dreaming (or tripping): magical, unpredictable, heart opening and world transforming; sometimes fleeting, like flashes of a vaguely remembered reverie.

Suspended with them in the turquoise (or was it emerald) waters of the Caribbean, we are touched by a presence far more ancient than ours yet strangely familiar and infinitely joyful.

and the classes Zuza & Scott will offer each day

chilling out at the waterfront retreat center

healthy delicious food (organic when possible)

sailing the open seas, daily dolphin swims and snorkels out there in the azure waters of the Bahamas

This week is a relaxing mix of:

Dreaming with Dolphins

Thru movement, I expand. I relax into myself more than in any other process or experience. I love the freedom, playful expression, emotional movement, safety to be soft and slow. I know when I am off-center and how to return home to myself.

- Andrew Reed

In our meditation sessions with Scott, we listen to the Breath of Life and the deep stillness underneath the waves of everyday chatter, allowing our awareness to expand beyond the obsessions of the small human mind into the luminescent presence at the heart of all things.

In our daily moving/dreaming sessions on land we enter guided explorations of the fluid body and swim into dream consciousness where dolphins and other ocean beings speak to us and we move, breathe, sound, and experience the world as they do. 

While the wild dolphins and other sea creatures will definitely be our main teachers this week, we will offer an auxiliary program on land, designed to deeply ­connect us with our own bodies so we can more easily connect with these mysterious beings when they come to greet and play with us.

Then we will get onboard the magnificent DolphinQuest catamaran and head out on the water for the day, to let the dream unfold in so-called real time. We will return bathed in Mystery, renewed, and enchanted. We will never again forget that all the oceans belong to us, ours to protect and take care of.

The amazing staff at the retreat center are on a mission
to help us have the very best experience on this trip.
We have never before seen teamwork like this. They take care of every detail, from step by step help with registration to getting you there and back, and everything in between.

They cook three yummy meals every day, clean the place, sail the boat (and clean it), teach you to free dive, hold your hand in and out of the water, and then walk around with delicious platters of cold watermelon when you least expect but most desire such a treat – after another exhilarating dolphin encounter out in the turquoise (emerald, aquamarine, just unbelievably blue) ocean.

They love the dolphins as much as you and I do and are also fabulous dancers. Held by their heartful and welcoming presence, our group will quickly become a ‘human pod’ in which we can relax into being together on an adventure of a lifetime. 

Trite but so true!


All the details

You are invited to a life changing experience of swimming (and dreaming) with wild dolphins while connected to your own moving, breathing, oceanic body.


To bring us home to our fluid body. To meet the wild beauty of the underwater world. To touch your heart, and hopefully change you forever.


The beautiful island of Bimini in the Bahamas and the waters around it.

We will stay at a sweet, laid-back waterfront retreat center in Porgy Bay, just steps from the boat which will take us daily out onto open ocean.


Arrive Sunday in Fort Lauderdale. Sunday night at the Hilton is covered by your fee.

If you use the recommended charter to Bimini, you will fly on Monday morning and return on Saturday morning to FLL for your flight home leaving that afternoon.


Fly into Fort Lauderdale (FLL) or Port Royal (BIM). 
For amazing flight deals, sign up for Scott's Cheap Tickets >


$2,750 after April 13, 2023

The fee covers the week's room and board, workshop, and boat trips and is based on double occupancy accommodations. A few single upgrades are available upon request, first come first single.

We will donate 10% of our proceeds to the Dolphin Project, devoted to protecting and saving wild dolphins around the world.


Cancellations up to 60 days before the start of the event (i.e. by June 13, 2023) receive a refund minus the $495 registration fee. No refunds will be offered after June 13, 2023.

Please make sure to purchase travel insurance for this trip.

See Terms & Conditions for more details.


To offset your carbon footprint while having a direct, positive, measurable impact on reducing poverty through small-scale reforestation projects in rural communities around the globe, click here>

All photos on this page courtesy of Atmoji @WildQuest.

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